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10 Ways to Create Japandi Design in your Home

What is Japandi?

Japandi is the East meets the West. It is a design movement that mixes the Scandinavian comfort and functionality aesthetic with the Japanese timeless, elegant style. The influences of Japan and Scandinavia come together to produce a calm, organic and refined look. The design aesthetic focuses on clean lines and open spaces, creating a comfortable and sophisticated composition. Minimalism, neutral colors, and harmonious settings are part of the new trend.

Two words describe Japandi style: wabi-sabi and hygge. Wabi-sabi is a Japanese word that means finding beauty in imperfection. Hygge refers to a Scandinavian design pattern that stands for coziness and functional comfort.

Here are 10 ways to decorate on a Japandi style:

1. Minimalism. The focus of Japandi design is on the simple style and minimalist aesthetic. Like the blue sky, the Malibu Dining Table uses the simplicity of nature to please the eye. Made from solid Oak wood with a natural finish.

2. Prefer Simplicity. Clean Lines. Simple, functional, but impactful pieces. Opt-out for pieces that are loud and that have a lot going on. Simple pieces of furniture with basic or better no visible handles. Refined and harmonious. The Harmony Dining Chair perfectly completes your dining situation with its comfortable seating and solid birch legs. Design made simple for the everyday contemporary home. 


3. De-clutter the spaces. Less is More. Establish free-flowing floor spaces clear of clutter. Focus on the quality and on having just the essential decor elements in your home. Make sure you have enough moving space around. On the left side of the room you can see the Atelier Sideboard. Made of solid acacia and black iron legs, this unit is influenced by a natural bamboo aesthetic and features a singular grain of the wood. 


4. Bring nature into your home. Add natural elements indoors. It is your connection with the Earth. Reclaimed wood. Furniture with fewer treatments. Natural accents. Let in as much natural light as possible, let nature in through large windows. Mila Dining Table molds the beauty of nature with contemporary design. A solid live edge piece of Oakwood adds a unique element to each table. The grain patterns, knots, and natural edges are one of a kind so that no person has the same item. 

Mila Dining Table

5. All about Wood. Since Japandi interior design is all about natural, homey pieces, it will be best to choose furniture pieces made out of wood. Light Oak is one of the favorite materials on this trending aesthetic. Balance crispness and comfort. Bring the Scandinavian vibes in your home with the Nevada Collection, including Dining Table, Bench and Bar Cabinet.


6. Well-curated items. Quality over quantity. Statement pieces rather than an abundance of décor. Every item has a purpose. Keep only those items you truly love. The antithesis to throwaway culture. Select one or two unique pieces in a room and keep the rest of the room minimalistic. Bird Dining Table: a freeform iron base mimics an abstract portrayal of a bird taking flight.  With a solid oak tabletop and ergonomic iron base, this table makes a statement sure to be the center of your dinner party conversations, literally. 


7. Focus on natural colors. Neutral hues. Opt for a white or neutral-based palette or with natural tones of other colors as brown and green. Calming, tranquil, and peaceful hues. Monotone design patterns are the best (for upholstery). Less is more! Meet our top-grained leather Baker Counter Stool!  


8. Choose a contrasting color scheme. Add a contrast tone as Black, a favorite color on the Japanese aesthetic.

9. Go Low. Go down to Earth. Japanese culture has people close to the ground. Furniture usually is low. The open air-space gives a feeling of a calm place. Instead of a cupboard, opt for a low sideboard or use open cabinets.

10. Combine the different styles. Even though both the Japanese and the Scandinavian furniture designs offer clean and simple lines, they do not have the same aesthetic. Feel free to mix both of them. Rustic and sleek. Warm textures, neutral tones with color contrast. Comfortable pieces with an elegant aesthetic. Check our Jinxx Counter Table.



Japandi is more than an interior style: it is a way of life, a philosophy. It is about choosing a simple and authentic life. It’s about conscience and appreciation of imperfect things. It is about bringing nature into your home. Clean lines, comfort, natural elements, neutral colors, quality over quantity. Make your home your sanctuary.

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