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20 Kitchen Decorating Ideas

20 Kitchen Decorating Ideas


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While the kitchen is not the most lived in room of the house, it is a very important one, and over time we can get bored with how it looks, or it may even start to look a bit tacky. So, what do we need to do in this scenario? We need to update the kitchen. It can be a simple one-day job to do this, and we needn’t do anything super overboard to make our kitchen look more like we dreamed it would.

Kitchen renovation can really change how we live and cook, therefore, updating the kitchen is important. You can even give yourself more space and update it so that your kitchen hardware is more modern and up-to-date. You could give yourself more opportunities, and decorating the kitchen might even make you enjoy cooking more. 

So, today we will share with you 20 ideas on how you can decorate your kitchen. 

Things To Consider Before You Decide To Decorate Your Kitchen

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Decorating your kitchen is a great way to give your home some new life, however, you can’t just go about it straight away. There are things you need to consider before you get started, or before you even decide on doing some decorating. 

While we all want to spruce up our home from time to time, it is not always ideal for everyone to do this, so think about whether it is suitable for you before you get started. 

Your Budget

Budget plays a big part in any home renovation or decoration project. What you can and cannot afford will have a major say in what you do to make your home more aesthetically pleasing and updated to you. 

Of course, it is possible that after some time, our kitchens need updating simply because the age has taken away the effectiveness of our appliances, and it can also happen that time has withered away at aspects of our kitchen, so is the flooring is damaged, walls, or the counters, these should be a focus before you even think about decorating. 

Similarly, while you may want a niche and stylish decoration, think about what you can afford first. There is nothing wrong with choosing the cheaper options. Expensive does not always mean it is the best option. 

So budget accordingly and stick to your budget in what you chose for your new design. 

Your Style

Choosing a style can be hard, but one rule of thumb to go by is not to choose a design that will date. This means that despite how cool the latest trends may be, try to avoid them. Kitchens are a room that can age badly, and can become very dated, quickly. You do not want to have to renovate and redesign your kitchen again too soon because it has become dated. 

So try to go with a design that will not date, or at least will not age badly. Avoid trends if you can and try to go with something unique and clean. 

Always remember that while granite counter tops look great at first, it is so hard to spot dirt on them, and it can be hard to keep them clean because you can’t tell what is dirt and what is the counter top. 

Avoid Going Overboard

One other mistake that can be easily made is going overboard in your decorating. We all love decorating and bringing a new design into our life. We get excited about the new things, and it can be so easy to splash our cash on every little thing that we think will look amazing, but try to avoid this because you can end up with a cramped kitchen. 

Less is more, and in the kitchen it really counts. Think about hidden storage, and new ways of making the necessary items fit without sacrificing space. But, remember, you have a budget as well. 

Going overboard is so easy when you are passionate about what you are doing. If you have fully functioning items, do not throw them away just because you want a new one to go with your new decorations. Don’t splash out on new items if it is unneeded, or blow your budget on a new lick of paint if it is not required. 

Remember that the more in depth you go into decorating, the more time it will take and the more money it will cost you, so only buy the necessary items and do what is needed. Do not spend money you do not have, and try to keep it simple and clean. Just because that item looks cool or glamorous, doesn’t mean you need it. 

20 Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Kitchen being decorated

With all that in mind, let's now look at a selection of decorating ideas for your kitchen, big and small, easy and more intense. 

Work Island Table

This is a timeless classic, whether your kitchen is rustic or modern, it will fit in beautifully. Get an old printing-press work table and pop it into your kitchen, it has shallow drawers that would one house pages but will now perfectly fit your kitchen utensils, saving you space in other areas of your kitchen. 

It will make for even more room for cooking preparation, and if you fancy, it could even double as a breakfast bar. This is a unique way to give your kitchen some extra character. It is best for bigger kitchens as it will take up space, although it will open up more room for storage, and you can never have too much storage in a kitchen. 

Wall Tool Storage

Wall tool storage is a unique idea if you have some free unused wall space. For this it is best to use a peg board. We would recommend a warm sunny yellow color as this keeps with the warm theme of the kitchen, however, it is better to just have one in a color that matches your kitchen's color scheme

This is an item that will keep all your important tools at the ready, and will give your kitchen a unique aesthetic that all your friends and family will want to copy. You can hang not only utensils on it but also things such as chopping boards, sieves, pans, and so on. It makes for super easy storage, and it looks great too, keeping all your necessary items in one place. Instead of having them all crammed together in a drawer. 

You do need to have a fair bit of wall space available for this to work well, though.

Bar Area

Bar Area

Who doesn’t want their own bar in the house ? It doesn’t have to be a beverage bar, it could be a breakfast bar, or a bar of your own unique definition. 

When we say this, we are referring to a pass-through/ window bar that connects the kitchen to another room. If you want a beverage bar with alcoholic drinks, this could sit well if you have a game room next to your kitchen. It would certainly save you from leaving the game room to get a drink. However, if it's a breakfast bar, this is something that would look very glamorous connected to your dining room. It is a great casual set up that brings a real homey feel to your space and will be the envy of all your friends and family. Design it how you want, but remember you need at least a good meter of wall for the window/ pass-through for this to work properly. 

Upcycled Freestanding Cabinets

Upcycling is all the rage now, why bother spending a tonne of money on a new item when you can just repurpose old items and spruce them up a little? 

Upcycling can mean doing some restoration work, with wooden cabinets this might mean a bit of sanding and gloss, ensuring it is secure, perhaps a paint job as well. Yet still all this will still be cheaper than buying a whole new item, and the best part? You get to make it look how you want it to look as well. 

If you do not know what a freestanding cabinet is, then let us explain. This is simply a cabinet that doesn’t need to be attached to the back wall, although you could do this if you do wish. They can be stylish and unique as you can design it as you please, and best of all, moveable, so if you decide you want to refresh the style in a few years, the freestanding cabinet can be easily moved. 

Wood Shelves

Wooden shelves give off a lovely rustic feel to them. Unlike plastic, they do not weaken as quickly, and unlike metal they will not rust so easily if they are taken care of adequately. They will mix well with butcher block countertops. And if you have a farmhouse styled aesthetic going on in your kitchen, this is sure to add to the vibe of the room. 

Of course, this also adds in additional storage space as well, and remember we said, you can never have too much storage space in your kitchen. If you do not need to use it for storage, this can also be a great area to place ornaments, plants, condiments, and produce baskets too! 

Crafty Lighting

Lighting is important in any kitchen, you need to see what you are doing. Sure standard overhead lighting and big windows are great, but sometimes lighting can be decor too.

You could install some pendant lamps above your work surface, you could even make your own lamps. Go with the style of your kitchen and think of what is available? Do you have a rustic kitchen? Why not turn some wicker baskets into lamp shades? You could use antique items, like butter churns, or an old fruit basket. Get inventive and see what you can craft. 

Vintage stores will also have plenty of options for this. If you do not fancy this, you can always try hidden lighting, it doesn’t have to be low, why not install lighting inside your cabinet base? Or inside the walls to save on space? 

Lighting is a requirement for every kitchen, but how you do it is totally up to you. 

Printed Wallpaper and Wall and Floor Tiles

It is not only what is in your kitchen that will make a difference, it is the way that you design the kitchen itself. Think about the color scheme, and the overall aesthetic you want for your kitchen. Color schemes are important too. 

Red is a terrible color for a kitchen, as it is already a warm room, red will make this room even warmer. Yellow is a bright and warm color, but will not heat the room up as much as red will. White is probably one of the better colors for a kitchen. 

Then, you can always use wallpaper or tiles for the walls, and floors. A wooden or stone tile or wallpaper scheme will give off a unique style to your kitchen and could give you a college vibe that will make your kitchen feel even more homey. 

Re-Paint The Kitchen Cabinets and Ceiling

Re-Paint The Kitchen Cabinets and Ceiling

As we previously mentioned, the color of your kitchen is very important, red is a no-go color for a kitchen, whereas brighter colors are recommended, however, whites and yellows are more prone to getting dirty. Some people may have a wood burner stove in their kitchen, especially if they love the old-fashioned cottage core aesthetic. In this case, light gray will work well in a kitchen, especially if you have any stone work. Gray is less likely to get dirty than brighter colors like whites and yellows. Think about which colors are cool enough but not too cold- as you do not want your kitchen to feel like a cold room- as well as what colors will match the style you seek for your kitchen. 

However, when you decide this, do not leave out the ceiling, many will forget about this, but the ceiling is just as important as the rest of your kitchen. If you do not want to go all out, or if it is not in your budget to totally reinvent your kitchen, simply re-painting your cabinets can achieve the change that you seek. 

Adding a ceiling pot rack

If you find yourself short on cupboard space, or general storage space. Consider the possibility of getting a hanger or a rod and securing it to the ceiling, this can then act as a new storage space for pots, pans and utensils.

Storage space on the ceiling, who’d ever think of it! You could use brass, metals, wood, or whatever you fancy and use it as overhead storage. 

You can do this for your pots and pans, and have a separate one for mugs and utensils. Why store all your kitchenware in cupboards when you can store it on display in easy access and save cupboard space, or even eliminate the need for cupboards altogether. 

Chairs and Stools

Think about having some seating in your kitchen, it doesn’t need to be fancy, though. If you have a breakfast nook, or if your kitchen is a kitchen- dining room, then you can use your imagination to get the perfect seating arrangement. Breakfast bar stools need not be high backed or big, you can get some perfect stools with low backs and save on space. 

How so? We hear you ask. Well, a low backed stool means that the whole chair can fit under the table/ counter, therefore saving you space where the chair would usually be. 

In kitchen/ dining rooms, you can save on the space by choosing your chairs carefully. A dining chair doesn’t need to be big and bulky, just comfortable. Then again, ask yourself if you even need a separate dining area, perhaps a breakfast bar/ nook could even be the perfect dining area if you spruce it up enough! 

Creative Seating

Speaking of which, you can get creative with your seating. Perhaps you can get rid of the dining table, and instead get a decent sized island incorporated into your kitchen. It can double perfectly between extra food preparation space and a dining area. The chairs you choose will matter too, of course. You do not want massive chairs on an island. And since this area is simply for eating, a low-backed stool will do just fine. 

Creatively working your seating area for eating can save you some space, not just in your kitchen, but in your whole house. 

If you go into a kitchen design store, look at all the seating types, and we are sure you will find something that is perfect for your space. It is even better if it can fit underneath your island/ table as then you save space, and save yourself from bumping into chairs. 

Adding A Kitchen Cart

Kitchen carts are super useful, they are great for carrying around heavy equipment and multitudes of food. You can add one of these into your kitchen for an extra bit of style, or a professional kitchen vibe. If you have a big family, this could be a useful way to get all the food to the dinner table easier and prevent any one bit of food getting cold. 

However, you can also get creative with this, kitchen carts can also be topped. Top your kitchen cart with marble, wood, or whatever you like, and turn it into a rolling island. You can use it as a breakfast bar, a transportation system for food and beverages, and you can also move it about the way and pack it with unneeded items when you need more space. It works well as a multipurpose kitchen item, on wheels! 


Kitchen Tables

Really think about your kitchen space. Do you need a table? Would an island be better? If you do need a table, how big does it need to be? How much space do you have for it? 

If you decide that a table is needed and that an island just won’t make the cut, then consider the side. In some cases a high table can be well worth it. A tall table will work great in space-saving. It will bring extra space into a kitchen that is too small for a dining table, but too big to have nothing. It can function as a nook and as an island. 

You could even have both an island and a table, with the table overlapping the island as a unique eating area. 

Wood is probably one of the most popular table materials, and we agree. Regardless of style, wood tends to go with everything, it is easy to clean, and it looks good too. 

An Extra-Deep Farmhouse Sink

An extra-deep farmhouse sink will provide you with a simple, but elegant style for your kitchen. They feature a deep basin which will provide you with plenty of room for pots, pans, dishes, utensils and room to spare. So washing up becomes so much easier. 

Getting a farmhouse-style sink with an exposed-front apron is reversible and can be installed on both sides which can make installation easier and once again, save space. 

Having one of these, paired with a convenient shelving unit, can make cleaning up a walk in the park. 

Always consider your sink, even if you think your current one is fine, there is always a chance that there is something out there that is more convenient for you. You can often get farmhouse sinks with two separate sections, which means that if you need to soak something you can, and you can still clean up. You do not need to wait for something to finish soaking to wash up the rest of your kitchenware. 

Add Some Fun Kitchen Signs

Not everything in your kitchen has to be 100% about function, sometimes, when space allows, you can add in a little something for yourself that will add to the style and aesthetic of your kitchen. Something just for you. 

Some vintage kitchen signs are fantastic, they add in some character and bring your kitchen to life. Of course, you can get quirky ones like ‘Mom’s Kitchen’, or ‘Eat here’, but you can always get vintage signs too if you like rustic styles that make your kitchen feel perfect for you. 

You could add in some old cowboy saloon signs, perhaps an old style Western steakhouse sign, why not a 60s diner sign. Go wild and make this kitchen your own! 

Pull-Out Pantry

If you are short on space in your kitchen, a pull-out pantry could be the answer to your problems. Do you have quite a few cupboards? Perhaps a 30-50 cm space available? Pop in a pull-out pantry. 

Pullout units will give you great flexibility when it comes to storing items in your kitchen and saving space. They are designed vertically rather than horizontally. These work in a similar way to a drawer, however, instead they have an open side for each access, and easy hidden storage. 

This saves you dedicating a large area of cupboard space to a standard cupboard for your pantry items such as tinned foods. Instead, you can hide them away in a neat area that can help you craft more available room in your kitchen for other things. Perhaps even opening up your kitchen even more and offering you more available space. 

Mirror The Walls

If you cannot decide on what kind of color would be best for your kitchen walls, mirroring the walls is always an option. For smaller kitchens, doing this has the potential to make your kitchen look much bigger. 

Also, mirrors are great for reflecting light, which will make the kitchen look more spacious, open, and bright. This means that they are especially effective in small, dark kitchens, and they can therefore transform a previously dark and dingy space into a beautiful open and bright kitchen that is comfortable for cooking in, working in, and socializing in too. 

While putting a mirror in the kitchen may seem odd or strange to some people, it can be a nice addition to your kitchen, even if you are not mirroring the entire wall. Just one mirror can make a lot of difference and will change the way that your kitchen looks. 

Built In Wine Storage

Sneaking in extra storage with every chance you get is the perfect way to save some space in your kitchen. Kitchens are often busy rooms with lots going on and little space to spare, so make use of what space you do have. 

This means sneaking in a built-in wine storage can save you making a spare wine rack that will take up even more space. You could nestle it into a cabinet, build it into a wall, or even sneak it into the body of an island. This way you do not sacrifice any floor space or any counter space either. It fits in nicely and makes for a great way to surprise guests. 

Add in some built-in storage and tell your guests to go and find it, they will surely be impressed with how you have saved space by adding in built-in kitchen editions. 

Conceal Everything

A very common modern style these days is to simply hide everything you can. Have you ever seen a kitchen that was so clean, pure, and ornate you had no idea what was the cabinet, and what was the fridge? While confusing at first glance, these spaces can make a kitchen look much cleaner and more pristine. 

Kitchens like this are often full of ingenious small-space solutions to the typical busy look of a kitchen. You could install a folding wood pocket to conceal an entire counter and cabinet area against the wall. 

Guests will walk in your kitchen and be dumbfounded by the genius, tell them to find the fridge and see how long it takes them. 

In small spaces such as a studio apartment or in a small home kitchen, this can be a complete game changer. 

If you like the modern look where everything is clean, tidy, and neatly hidden away, this could be the perfect decorating measure for you. 

Rethink The Layout

Of course, decorating your kitchen does not have to mean a complete remodeling. It doesn’t have to mean paint jobs, new appliances, new decorations, or anything like that. 

In fact, a kitchen decoration can simply be moving things around. Most of us will rearrange our living spaces from time to time, shifting the couch to the other end of the room to see if it creates a more open space, moving cabinets and drawers to freshen up the feel of our space. 

Sometimes this is all our kitchens need too. If you have any stand-alone items, this is easily doable. Perhaps you don’t even need to spend any money at all to decorate your kitchen, perhaps it just needs some change and rethinking the layout could be the answer to this. 


Women adding some finishing touches to the kitchen

Decorating your kitchen can be really rewarding. We spend more time in the kitchen than we may realize, and for some people, the kitchen is one of the most social rooms of their house. 

Thinking about how you will decorate your kitchen depends on your budget, the style you want in your kitchen, and how far you are willing to go. You could simply repaint your cabinets and rethink the layout, or you could completely remodel your kitchen, installing pull out pantries and concealing everything. 

The decision is yours. There are so many options, and we have only gone over 20 of the options you have. Think about your space, big or small, you can always add to it and improve the space that you have. Decorating your kitchen is about creativity, using your imagination to utilize the space to the very best of your ability. 

You do not need to be a mastermind designer or an architect to come up with a beautiful kitchen design.

We hope you have enjoyed our article, and feel free to contact our team of experts at any time.

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