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Best Portable Electric Stove

Cooking when you are away from home can be difficult, whether it be while traveling on vacation, picnicking, or camping. It can really limit the number of meals you can cook.

You may have to rely on basic meals that will fill you up but will leave you craving something more sophisticated. Not only this, but cooking outside of the home can be laborious and time-consuming. 

Fortunately, there are many portable electric stoves available that can make cooking on the go so much easier and more dynamic. You can cook a wide array of meals with these portable stoves, such as pasta dishes.

Best Portable Electric Stove

You can boil, poach, or fry to your heart’s content. These portable stoves can also be used in work settings or dormitories, meaning they are multi-purpose. 

Even though these products are amazingly useful, it can be difficult to find models that fulfill your needs. This is because there are different products that have different features to offer the customer.

In order to help you, we have found five of the leading portable electric stoves on the market.

OVENTE Electric Double Infrared Burner

Firstly, this portable electric stove is an excellent product to have access to. This stove has two hobs, meaning you can make more complex dishes than you could on just one burner.

Yet, OVENTE also offers a single burner option if you are looking for a smaller unit that is more portable. Powered by infrared technology, this stove is quick and efficient to use.


  • Easy cleaning - cleaning can be very messy. This is particularly true when you are doing it on the go. To solve this problem, OVENTE’s stove is straightforward. In fact, it should take only a minute. Simply wash the surfaces with a wet cloth. This will save you time and energy. 
  • 120V infrared technology - this powerful burner uses infrared technology to heat up your food. This advanced technology will cook food rapidly. 
  • Stylish design - with a stylish crystallite ceramic glass, this stove will not look out of place in any setting. 
  • Durable - a strong stainless steel housing will ensure that your product is protected. This will be especially crucial when transporting this stove. 
  • 5 heat settings - this product gives you more control over your cooking thanks to its 5 different heat settings.


    • Bulky - some customers may find this stove to be a bit too bulky, in terms of both its size and weight. This may somewhat limit its portability. 

    KLARSTEIN VariCook Duo

    Second on our guide is this excellent electric stove from KLARSTEIN. Like the previous product, it features two infrared hotplates. One of these hotplates is 7.8 inches in diameter and a smaller one that is 6.5 inches.

    Allowing you to cook more than one food at a time, this stove is ideal for those who want to cook up a storm. It is also well-suited to couples, allowing you to have a romantic meal on the go.



    • Energy-saving - thanks to the 3000 watts infrared heating and the halogen spotlights, this electric stove will quickly cook food. As a result, you will not have to waste energy when using this unit. 
    • Durable - constructed from strong materials, this stove will not be easily broken. Consequently, it can last you for years. 
    • Fits most cooking utensils - because of this feature, you will not have to go out and buy pots and pans specifically for this stove. Instead, you can use whichever ones you have lying around the house. 
    • Quick cleaning - the glass surface both looks nice and is easy to clean.



    • Price - this model is more expensive than many of its competitors. Because of this, it will not be within every customer’s price range. It should be reserved for those who are willing to spend a little extra money on assuring their stove is of high quality.

    CUKOR Hot Plate

    Up next is this CUKOR stove. To add a bit of variety to this list, we decided to include this 1 burner hot plate. If you are looking for a small and more portable unit, this will certainly be of use to you.

    Not only this, but the CUKOR stove is energy efficient and durable. It also features a thermal fuse that will prevent it from overheating. Furthermore, it has rubber feet that keep it stable, making it perfect for uneven ground.


    • Saves 30% of energy - compared to induction cookers, this stove will save 30% electricity. This not only saves you energy but will be less expensive for you. 
    • Built from stainless steel - Another strong material that will increase the longevity of this stove. 
    • Compact and portable - made to be small and easy to take with you, this stove is perfect for camping or in an RV. Luckily, it will not take up much room in your luggage and will not require much storage space. 
    • Noiseless - cooking can be a stressful process. When cooking, you do not want the additional annoyance of an irritating noise. Thankfully, this stove is made to be as quiet as possible.


      • Only 1 hob - for those who are looking for larger units that can be used for two pots/pans at once, this might not be the one for you. This is because it only features 1 cooking element, limiting the amount of food and meals you can make.

      Techwood Portable Electric Countertop Stove

      With a choice of a double or single burner stove, Techwood provides the customer with versatility. You can cook as much as you want, though meals that are great for this stove include pasta, rice, soup, beans, and eggs.

      Like other products available it is portable and easy to clean. Aside from this, its unique features include its handles and its non-slip feet.


      • Non-slip feet - made from rubber, these feet will ensure that your electric stove does not accidentally move. You do not have to worry about it unintentionally slipping off a surface thanks to this feature. 
      • Cool handles - metal can become really hot when near a burner. Fortunately, the handles on this stove have been made to stay cool even during cooking. Because of this, you can move the stove without the fear of your hands being burned. 
      • Minimal heat loss - this efficient stove will ensure that you can cook food without losing too much heat. 
      • Black cast iron - this design is both aesthetically pleasing and straightforward to wash.


        • Price - akin to the KLARSTEIN unit, this stove is a bit pricey. Subsequently, it will not be a good match for people who are shopping with a smaller budget. Instead, it should only be purchased by those who are happy to buy a stove that is at the higher end of the price range. Techwood provides a single burner stove that is more affordable.

        CUSIMAX Electric Burner Hot Plate

        Lastly, this CUSIMAX is another portable electric stove that we suggest buying. Like the CUKOR stove, it only contains one burner. Though this might be a disadvantage to some people, CUSIMAX more than makes up for this with its features.

        It can be bought in a range of colors and has lots of temperature settings. Not only this, but one can tell that it has been designed with safety in mind. Therefore, we thoroughly recommend this product.


        • Comes in 6 different colors - if you are a person who has a favorite color, this might be the portable electric stove for you. It comes in six different colors, namely black, white, silver, red, green, and blue. If you do not want the aesthetic of your dorm room, office, or RV to clash with your electric stove, you can find one that compliments it when buying this product. 
        • 7 temperatures - this stove has 7 different temperature settings, meaning your cooking can be more precise. 
        • Automatic shutoff - this feature means that this stove will automatically turn itself off. This increases its safety. 
        • 1500 watt - this powerful device can cook food in fast times.


        • Only 1 burner - as mentioned previously, this stove only has space for 1 burner. This is because CUSIMAX has prioritized portability and compactness in its design. As a consequence, customers will be able to cook less food using this portable stove.

          Buyer’s Guide

          Now that you have read through our top five recommendations, you will likely think that you are in a really good position to start buying a portable electric stove.

          Our guide will not only have informed you about some of the best products on the market but will have given you an impression of some of the pros and cons to identify when you begin browsing. 

          In truth, buying an electric stove can actually be more intricate and strenuous than it initially appears. Fear not, because we have listed some of the primary elements that will impact your shopping experience.

          We advise you to bear these factors in mind when purchasing an electric stove to ensure that you find the right product for you. 

          Single or double hob

          Most portable electric stoves come with either one or two hobs. Some units come with more, though these will be a rarity. It is important to decide whether you want one or two hobs.

          There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The advantage of having one hob is that they will be smaller and, therefore, more portable. These models are also likely to be cheaper than those with two hobs.

          However, two hobs enable you to cook more food. They will also allow you to cook more complex meals since you are not limited to one hob. 


          Portable electric stoves can come in a variety of different sizes. This will be impacted by how many hotplates, burners, or hobs a stove has. Stoves with more of these heating elements will probably be larger than those with fewer.

          Even if two stoves have the same amount of burners, one might be larger than the other. Consequently, you should also think about what size you want your stove to be. 

          This will be particularly important if you plan on taking your stove outdoors or on vacation with you. If this is the case, you should consider getting a stove that is small, since it will be more portable and easy to maneuver.

          The size will also affect how easy an item is to store. If it is large, it will take up a lot of storage space. If you live in a house with limited space, it will be advantageous for you to search for a smaller stove. 


          One of the main advantages of the portable electric stove is that it can be moved around, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. Unfortunately, some models are easier to move around than others.

          The portability of a unit will be impacted by its size, as explained above. It will also be affected by its shape, as some shapes will be easier to fit into bags or suitcases than others.

          This is something to seriously consider if you plan on moving your stove from location to location. 

          Ease of cleaning 

          Stains and spillages are fairly common affairs in cooking. Since this is the case, it will be desirable for many customers to be able to obtain a stove that can be clean with little hassle.

          If this is the same for you, you will need to think about how easy a unit is to clean. The cleaning method should be listed in a product’s description.

          If a stove appears to be difficult to clean, it might not be the best one for you. After all, no one wants to spend loads of time cleaning, especially if they are on vacation. 


          Portable electric stoves can be quite costly investments. Because of this, you should have an idea of the amount you are willing to spend on them before you start shopping.

          This will prevent you from spending too much money. Of course, the higher the price, the more likely a product is to have more complex designs and additional features. Yet, you can still buy really high-quality stoves for low prices. 


          If you want to cook food in a quick manner, you will have to research the amount of power a device has. This will usually be measured in watts, though there are other methods of measuring this.

          If speed is a priority to you, we highly recommend purchasing a portable electric stove with lots of power. 


          Though this may not be as much of a concern to some customers, it will be to others. Style is a personal preference, in which a stove might clash with someone’s style.

          As a result, you should look for a product with a style and aesthetic that match your own. Some stoves, such as the CUSIMAX product, come in different colors.

          This will give you much more flexibility and choice, making it a viable option for those with specific styles. 

          Energy efficient 

          Energy efficiency is important to many consumers. Stoves will vary in how efficient they are since some will waste more energy than others. If you are worried about this, please look into how energy-efficient an item is before purchasing it. 

          Frequently Asked Questions 

          Do portable stoves use loads of electricity?

          Portable electric stoves use up quite a lot of electricity. This can add to their cost. However, many are designed to be energy efficient, meaning that they will try to cook food quickly without wasting electricity.

          As a consequence, you should not be too worried about the amount of electricity you are using. 

          How do you use a portable electric stove?

          Exact instructions for how to use a portable electric stove will depend on which model you possess. These instructions should be included with the stove.

          Please read these specific instructions before operating your electric stove. There are, however, some general tips that we can give you. 

          Most stoves have some form of temperature control, such as a dial. You will need to use this to determine what temperature you want your food to be cooked at.

          Some will have a light on to indicate that the stove is active. This will prevent you from accidentally leaving it on. In addition, some electric stoves will need to take a few minutes to heat up before they can be used. 

          Can you use cast iron pots and pans on portable electric stoves?

          Yes, you can use cast iron pots on electric stoves. Though you may have heard that you cannot, this is merely a myth. Just because a pot or pan is made from metal does not mean that it is unsafe to use on an electric stove.

          In fact, cast iron pots are very useful items to own. The main disadvantage for these pots and pans is that they can be fairly heavy, meaning that they are not the most portable of items.

          If you plan on taking your electric stove with you, cast iron pots and pans may not be the best choice. 

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