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Five ideas to have a kitchen elegant decor

1. Less is more.  To create a clean decor, the first step is to have fewer things—or at least create the perception that you do. Your counters can be simplified and optimized by showing only the essential items you love, and store everything else. Even you have a large kitchen island, don’t view it a space that needs to be filled. Just a bowl of fruits, a vase with flowers from your garden can be the best way to keep your kitchen decor uncomplicated and elegant.


2. Bring in the nature. Green house plants add relaxing color and freshness to modern kitchen decor. You can take advantage of the season and display what is available on your garden or the closest fruit shop. Fresh produce always adds color to your kitchen and will help your kitchen look refreshed.


3. Take risks with accessories. Start small, but don’t be afraid to make a strong statement, adding a sculptural piece or timeless accessories like a remarkable vase. If you don’t have a lot of space, select pieces that offer form and also have a function on your kitchen, as a unique salad bowl.


4. The items you love.  As once said, the only real rule in decorating is buying things you really love. Show the essential items you can’t live without on the countertop of your kitchen island, or on your bar cart or even on your kitchen cabinet windows. If your items don’t match visually, you can add them on a tray or plate you may already have or even you can use a cheese board as a base to unite your loved items.


5. Have a dedicated space for non-kitchen items. With a lot of us currently working from home, the kitchen space can start to clutter. Take a look on what tends to accumulate on your countertops and find a dedicated place for them on your entryway (for keys, wallets) or a drawer for papers and letters.

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