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Hisense Refrigerator Reviews

One of the most essential parts of any kitchen is the refrigerator. Without one we wouldn’t be able to store food without it spoiling in a matter of days, or even hours in some cases.

Choosing a new fridge for your kitchen is never easy, and there are many things you will need to consider.

Hisense Refrigerator Reviews

Hisense is a Chinese company that has become one of the biggest producers of white goods in the world. They make a wide range of fridges both for single-person flats and large family homes.

It is likely you have come across this brand while searching for a new refrigerator, so if you want to know more about this company’s fridges and how they stack up against the competition, look no further. 

This article will briefly break down the different fridges produced by Hisense. The company produces models in a variety of sizes and styles offering a range of utilities to make organizing and storing your food much easier. So whether you are just storing your own food or enough for a whole family, here is everything your need to know about Hisense refrigerators.

The Different Types Of Fridges Produced By Hisense 

This brand sells fridges that look great and will fit in any kitchen. There are slim 100L models for those low on space as well as large double door units that can fit a whole buffet and still have room left over.

Here are some of the different refrigerators sold by Hisense. 

Single Door Refrigerators 

These are the most common fridges for people to have in their homes as they take up relatively little space and are much cheaper than the alternatives.

Sure you won’t have as much space as you would with some of the larger models, but these units also use less energy. 

The RR63D6ABE is a great model for small families with 6.3cu.ft of space for storing food and a door with racks large enough to hold several 2litre bottles. There is a freezer compartment at the top with a control dial for defrosting your food at the push of a button. 

The whole unit is slim enough to easily fit in kitchens with limited floor space and has a three-star energy efficiency rating. 

Bottom And Top Mount Refrigerators

If you want a slightly larger freezer compartment than provided by a single door, then you may want to consider a top mount or bottom mount fridge.

Top mounts have the freezer compartment on top of the fridge and are generally much wider to provide more storage space.

Bottom mounts have the fridge on top of the freezer which puts your fresh food at eye level and makes it easier to reach. There aren’t many differences between the two types and which one you prefer will often come down to personal preference.

That said if you need more space for frozen goods then go for a bottom mount as these often have much larger freezers. 

Those looking for a top mount fridge can’t go wrong with the LCT43D6ASE which is energy star certified for less of an impact on your electricity bill. The two compartments are divided into 1.0cu.ft of freezer space and 3.4cu.ft of fridge space.

All the glass shelves are removable so you can make room for bigger items and the door is reversible so this unit can be placed anywhere you want. 

If you would prefer a bottom mount, check out the new HRB171N6ABE. This is a much larger model that offers a 4.95cu.ft fridge on top of a 12.15cu.ft freezer compartment.

As with the top-mounted version we looked at, this unit features three fully adjustable glass shelves and a gallon bin on the inside of the door for storing beverages.

One drawback is the fact that it isn’t as energy efficient as the previous fridge 

French Door Refrigerators

These are some of the fancier and more expensive options when hunting for a new fridge, but you get what you pay for.

Not only do they look very stylish, but the three to four doors allow for maximum storage space and for you to organize your food into the multiple different compartments. 

The HRQ215N6BVD is a four-door fridge freezer that isn’t the largest one Hisense makes, but it still offers a substantial 21.6cu.ft of space. This refrigerator is split into three compartments with a large fridge section on the top and two smaller ones on the bottom.

You can set each of these three zones to a different temperature so you can use the third section as either a fridge or freezer depending on your needs.

There are gallon bins in the top doors and two humidity-controlled crisper draws for keeping your vegetables as fresh as the day you bought them.  

Compact Refrigerators

If you live in a small flat and only have to feed yourself, there is no need to buy a massive refrigerator.

Compact fridges are great for storing just enough food for a single person while taking up very little space and consuming less energy than larger models. 

The LCR44D6NSE has 4.4cu.ft of space and a reversible door so it can easily be placed anywhere in your home. This fridge is energy-star certified and has an internal thermostat for easily regulating the temperature. There are also 2L bins and a can rack built into the door so you can save even more space. 

Drinks Coolers 

As well as fridges and freezers Hisense also makes drinks coolers for storing your beverages, alcoholic or otherwise.

The company offers a 140 can stainless steel beverage cooler that is perfect for storing soft drinks and a 54-bottle freestanding wine cooler.

Both of these devices can’t go below 32°F but they will still be great for providing a refreshing chilled beverage whenever you need t. Low-E glass doors will keep the cooler’s temperature steady and protect your drinks from UV light.

Other useful features include reversible doors and special alarms to inform you when the door has been left open for more than two minutes.


So is it worth buying your new refrigerator from Hisense? Well, there are some drawbacks to this brand, for instance, many of their units are not very energy efficient. What you save on the fridge itself you may lose again in electricity bills. 

That’s said, Hisense still manufactures some very durable and long-lasting fridges that come with numerous perks and extras. As well as reversible doors, many of the units have adjustable legs with wheels at the back to make moving them into position much easier.

They also have several slim fridges that are great for fitting in tighter spaces and kitchens where there is limited floor space. Despite their sleek design, Hisense’s refrigerators still have great capacity thanks to their adjustable glass shelves and bottle holders built into the door.

If you looking to replace your old fridge it is definitely worth checking your local dealer to see if they have any Hisense models in stock. 


  • Slim design with great capacity 
  • Reversible doors 
  • Adjustable legs and some models even have wheels. 
  • Hisense offer fridges in all sizes and designs 
  • Bottle and can racks built into the doors 
  • Removable glass shelves are easy to clean. 
  • Affordable 


  • Poor energy efficiency
  • According to some reviews, the ice makers in some models can be unreliable

Buyers Guide 

Choosing the right fridge isn’t always easy, and often you should carefully consider your options before making a purchase. Here are a few things you should think about while hunting for a new refrigerator. 

How Big Is Your Kitchen?

If you have a small kitchen in a flat for one or two people, you can afford to get a much smaller fridge than someone looking to store enough food for a whole family.

Always consider how much storage space you really need. Buying a fridge that is too big will leave you spending more on energy while buying one that is too small will leave you with spoilable food that you have no means to store.

Always measure the space where you plan to install the fridge so you don’t end up with a unit that is too big to fit anywhere convenient in your kitchen. 

Do You Need A Freezer As Well? 

Even some compact refrigerators come with miniature freezer compartments at the top, but this won’t be much use if you regularly buy large amounts of frozen produce.

Top-mounted fridges generally have smaller freezer compartments than bottom-mounted ones and both are still thin enough to fit in smaller kitchens.

If you need a lot of space for both frozen and fresh foods then you should look into a double, or french door unit for the maximum capacity. 

What Is Its Energy Rating? 

In order to do their job, fridges need to be turned on all the time, which means they will be constantly drawing power. If you really want to save money, you will want a refrigerator that is energy efficient as well as cheap.

To find out how efficient a fridge is, look for its energy star rating and how many kilowatts per hour it consumes. 

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