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How Long Do Garbage Disposals Last?

Garbage disposals, let’s face it, are a godsend. We often take them for granted, not even realizing that in other countries, they aren’t really a thing. But how convenient are they?

Instead of having to empty the scraps into a bin, before washing the dishes, you go straight to the sink, and any garbage gets disposed of. You just have to be careful not to put your hand in it (we’ve all seen horror movies about that sort of thing). 

How Long Do Garbage Disposals Last long do garbage disposals last? Everything has a lifespan and a limit of time after which they will begin to be faulty and non-functional. Garbage disposals are the same.

It’s important to know how much they last so that you can keep an eye out for any signs of them failing once they start becoming old. 

Luckily for you, we can tell you how much a garbage disposal will usually last, on average.

And that’s not all, we can tell you what to look out for, so that you know when it’s time to replace it, and also how to make it last longer so you save yourself some money and hassle! Let’s get right into it. 

The Lifespan Of Garbage Disposals

If your garbage disposal is of a good make, and it is well maintained, it should last a good 15 years, which is quite a long time. Mediocre garbage disposals will last around 10 years. 

But if your garbage disposal is of poor make, or badly maintained, it might not last very long at all! 

Basically, it depends. And these are the main factors that determine the lifespan of a garbage disposal:

The Quality Of The Garbage Disposal

The better the garbage disposal, the more it will last, so sometimes it is well worth spending a little extra money, just so that you don’t have to replace it too soon.

It’s important to research the right brand and design and to go for modern garbage disposals that will withstand the test of time.

The Garbage That Goes Down The Garbage Disposal

The things that go down the garbage disposal are going to affect how long it lasts, mainly because some garbage items can damage the system, and cause it to deteriorate faster.

For example, greasy liquids will lower the lifespan of garbage disposal. Always make sure that you know what is allowed to go down the garbage disposal, and what isn’t! 

The Overall Usage Given To The Garbage Disposal

The more you use a garbage disposal, the quicker it will need replacing. But that’s just kind of common sense. If you never use the garbage disposal, then it is not wearing itself out in any way! 

The Maintenance

Everything in life needs a minimum of maintenance, and garbage disposals are no different. In order to ensure that the garbage disposal is able to function properly, you must regularly check it.

And as a general rule, you should combine keeping it clean, with making proper use of it.

Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs Replacing

No matter how well you treat your garbage disposal, or how high quality it is, eventually, it is going to start causing trouble and will need replacing. That’s just normal.

On average, garbage disposals can last up to 15 years, but you should always look out for the signs of when they are on their way out so that you can start looking for a new one. 

Here are some of the main signs that are a clear indicator that something is not okay with your garbage disposal, which might mean it needs replacing:

Weird Noises

If your garbage disposal is making a loud weird noise, first of all check for demons or monsters, you never know what they might try possessing.

Okay, now check whether something has fallen down the garbage disposal, like a spoon or something similar.

If there isn’t anything there, then the garbage disposal is old and on its way out, because the blades are grinding against each other. 

Constant Clogging

If your garbage disposal is constantly getting clogged up, and you have already tried deep cleaning it, then this is probably a sign that it is a very old model, and that you need to replace it with something more modern that won’t give you these issues. 

Bad Odors

There is nothing worse than having odor problems in kitchen appliances, especially in a garbage disposal.

If you can smell all of the rotten broken down food from the garbage disposal, and no amount of cleaning gets rid of it, then you’re going to need some professional intervention.

Aka, a plumber. And you might also just need a whole new garbage disposal, let’s be honest. 

Water Leaks

If the plumbing system of your garbage disposal is leaking, this is not a problem to ignore. Before it gets worse and causes damage to your kitchen, you should contact a plumber to assess the issue.

The likelihood is you will have to either get it repaired or replaced with a new one. 

Poor Performance

If your garbage disposal is struggling and functioning slower than usual, and simply just not as good, then it’s probably on its way out and slowly dying. This is the time to start searching for a replacement! 

Tips For Getting Your Garbage Disposal To Last Longer

No matter what you do, your garbage disposal will not last forever. It is going to need replacing at some point.

However, if you maintain your garbage disposal and treat it well, you might be able to prolong its lifespan, so that you get a little more usage out of it, saving yourself some money and hassle. 

Here are some of our main tips for getting your garbage disposal to live longer: 

  • Use cold water instead of hot water
  • Keep the disposal garbage running a minute or so after it stops making a sound
  • Only use small amounts of food at the same time
  • Use your garbage disposal regularly
  • Make sure to clean your garbage disposal at least once a month

Final Thoughts

As a general rule, garbage disposals will last between 10 to 15 years, if well-taken care of and of a good make.

Of course, all garbage disposals need replacing in the end, and it is important to look out for signs that your garbage disposal is no longer functional.

Also, it is important to maintain your garbage disposal, with regular cleaning and similar, so that it lasts longer!

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