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How To Accessorize A Kitchen Counter

Kitchen counters are there for two reasons - to provide a surface for preparing food to be cooked, and to provide a surface for items needed in a kitchen.

In most kitchens, kitchen counters are filled with appliances (like a microwave, coffee machine, or an air fryer) and cooking utensils such as a block of knives.

How To Accessorize A Kitchen Counter

In fact, you can put virtually anything you want on a kitchen counter, because the countertops are there for convenience!

Problem is, when your kitchen counters are looking too cluttered, it can make the kitchen look untidy and out of style.

You might be wondering if you need to repaint the counters to make your kitchen look cohesive, but most of the time, you might simply need to re-accessorize your counters. 

Here is everything you need to know about how to accessorize a kitchen counter!


Start by taking absolutely everything off the kitchen counters and give the countertops a good clean.

This will give you a good idea of how much space you have to deal with, and will give you a chance to think about what you genuinely need on the counter.

If you find something that doesn’t get used regularly enough to be on the counter, like a waffle maker, then find room in a cupboard for it, instead. 

Think About Practicality 

Think about what needs to be on the countertop before you think about what you want on the countertop. Spices, sauces, and other dry ingredients that you use frequently for cooking can be placed neatly in one corner of the countertops.

Spice racks and other organizational compartments are ideal for keeping things in their rightful places while making the kitchen look cohesive and less messy. 

Likewise, place your kitchen appliances on the counters according to where you are most likely to use them.

For example, put the coffee machine next to the cabinet that holds your mugs, and put the paper towels right next to the sink. 

Pick A Statement Color 

The key to accessorizing a kitchen is to not overwhelm the room with an abundance of colors - unless that’s what you want, of course!

We recommend choosing a statement color that can be used for main appliances, such as a red kettle to match a red coffee maker for a retro look. 

If you want to keep your countertops free from appliances and you want to achieve a minimalistic look, why not find a small sculpture or statement object to place on the counter?

Anything artistic will work to make your kitchen look more sophisticated. 

Choose A Cohesive Color Scheme 

Once you’ve chosen a statement color, next you’ll need to pick a color scheme that will work alongside the statement color.

Warm neutral colors like beige and light-brown work to bring out the statement color without washing out the rest of the kitchen.

You should choose the colors depending on your personal preference, the color of the cabinets, and the size of your kitchen. Too many colors can make the kitchen look overwhelmed, cluttered, and smaller than it actually is. 

Become A Plant Mom 

There’s not a single room in the house that doesn’t deserve a plant! Plants are an excellent way to bring a room to life and make a kitchen look stylish, whilst also associating the kitchen with healthy foods.

Succulents are undoubtedly the easiest plants to care for and look excellent on a kitchen counter, but if you want something a bit bigger, you can always opt for an ivy plant that drops down the side of the counter. 

You can also match the plant pot with the color scheme of your kitchen, or choose patterned plant pots to make them stand out even more!

Get A Fruit Bowl 

If you want to incorporate a splash of color into your kitchen without making the kitchen look like an uncoordinated rainbow, get a fruit bowl and fill it with your favorite fruits!

Not only are fruit bowls gorgeous to look at, but they’re incredibly practical and encourage the household members to eat the fruit inside. 

If you want something more exciting than a fruit bowl, you can also find fruit holders that look like spice racks to add a bit more dimension to the countertop. 

Buy A Large Chopping Board 

Large wooden chopping boards are a gorgeous addition to a kitchen countertop for several reasons.

Yes, large chopping boards are incredibly practical and it means you don’t have to go into a cupboard to have access to a chopping board, but these boards also help to give your kitchen a rustic feel.

You don’t even have to use the chopping board to chop food - you can use the board as a surface for loaves of bread, a butter dish, or even a vase of flowers. 

Glass Jars And Plastic Containers 

Kitchens are all about food, so it only makes sense to show off the food you have in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Thanks to the rise of plastic-free and zero-waste grocery stores, kitchen counters across the world are starting to hold large containers filled with pasta, grains, flour, and even cereal.

Not only is this practical and encourages you to be cautious about how much packaging you use when buying groceries, but glass jars and containers filled with food look incredibly organized. 

You can also fill a large glass jar with cookies to add a fun element to your kitchen. 

Use The Walls 

Don’t forget to utilize the wall space between countertops and cabinets! Drilling racks and shelves on these wall areas saves a lot of space on the counter, plus it frees up room for you to prepare your dinner without having to move artwork, plants, and spices out of the way.

Plus, hanging things on the walls helps to add a bit more dimension to the kitchen. 

For example, you can hang clean towels on the wall next to the sink rather than keep the towels hung on cabinet handles. 

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