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25 Ideas to Decor your Kitchen for the Holidays

It's officially the most beautiful time of the year. The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where you'll be spending a lot of time this season, from creating holiday cookies and dinners to keeping up with loved ones all around the island. Let's make it festive!

Girl putting a Xmas Tree in the Kitchen

We're going to show you some pretty unique methods to arrange and spruce up your area for the holidays. It is simple and doable, as we know the frenzy that is the end of the year celebrations!

Here are 25 creative and festive Kitchen Holiday Decorations for inspiration. There are ideas for every type of space here, whether a tiny apartment kitchen or a large kitchen. These holiday decorations can lighten your home for the holidays!

1 - Brighten up your kitchen decor with a holiday kitchen table centerpiece. Once it's been decorated, you can keep it on display year-round as an attractive addition to your kitchen. 

Holiday Train Table Centerpiece 

2 - Think Christmas centerpiece ideas and a cute space to put your most fabulous gingerbread houses on the kitchen table. Is there a child who does not enjoy decorating a gingerbread house for the holidays? Make your creation a central focal point of your Christmas decor by displaying it among your favorite cookies.

Gingerbread House 

3 - Don't forget to add a holiday-themed runner dresser. 

Runner Dresser

4 - And the cutest Seasonal Placemats

Seasonal Placemats 

5 - Display your Cookies with some Fun! What could be better than edible decorations? Plus, the delicious aroma of freshly baked cookies is a beautiful way to get into the holiday spirit. Use a beautiful Christmas Plate to showcase your latest holiday yummy creations.

Christmas Plate for Cookies 

6 - Showcase your Christmas Finest Plates and accessories to liven up a basic kitchen shelf. It's a straightforward approach to get into the holiday spirit.

Holiday Plates

7 - And do not forget the holiday-themed mugs for the hot cocoa with marshmallows. 

Holiday Mugs


8 - Use Celebration Kitchen Towels. To go with your Christmas plates and coffee mugs, consider a set of red patterned kitchen towels

Holiday Kitchen Towels

 9 - And Tartan Napkins

Tartan Napkins

10 - Add Color to the Windows. For a festive effect, hang a simple arrangement with ornaments, flowers or red curtains.

Red Curtains

11 - Choose Beautiful Wreaths . Who says a wreath can only be used on the front door? Hang a coulee on your kitchen windows for a festive effect. 


12. Hang some ornaments with your kitchen utensils.

 Girl hanging Christmas ornament

13. Distribute accessories across the kitchen. Simple touches like wrapped presents or a cup of striped straws can add a festive touch to your kitchen. For a relaxed look, spread little accents around your kitchen gadgets.

Kitchen Utensils for Christmas 

14- Add Kitchen Fridge Decor.

Christmas Fridge Decor

15 - Create a cute little advent calendar. You can use your child's artwork to create something that they can easily tear off each day with their daily candy incentive. Or add this classic Advent Calendar to your Kitchen Decor.

Advent Calendar 

16 - Add Decorative Kitchen Rugs

Holiday Kitchen Rugs

17 – Add Color and Fun to your Chairs. It's easy to ignore them, but don't pass up the chance to incorporate your kitchen chairs into your holiday decor this year with Christmas Chair Covers.

Christmas Chairs Cover

18 - Accessorize your countertops

There are all sorts of different ways you can use holiday decorations to enliven up your kitchen counters or island. You can use your old holiday ornaments to create a display, or try putting together some of your simple tabletop gardens. 

Snowman Salt and Pepper

19 - Adding Cake Stands with your favorite holiday treats will also make a great impression.

Cake Stand

20 - Show off your Red Pots

Red Pot 

21 - Get new potholders

Christmas is an excellent opportunity to play with your kitchen basics, such as potholders Choose holiday-themed potholders with patterns ranging from red and white stripes to snowflakes.

Holiday Potholders 

22 - A charing combination of white Candlesticks and Fraser fir will look great on your kitchen. It'll make preparing and serving your holiday meals a lot of fun. 


23 - Add some rustic-looking touches to the kitchen, as these galvanized buckets. You can add natural elements like wood, berries, and pine and turn them into focal points in your home without breaking the bank.


24 - Consider decorating with mason jars and flowers. You can easily make mason jar lanterns and use your existing greenery and floral decor around the house to fill them out. They're especially great if you're hosting a holiday party at your house—they'll turn any countertop into an eye-catching centerpiece. And you can complement the look with these Christmas table lights to create a golden glow. 

Table Lights

25 - Bring in a smaller, easier-to-care-for tree. The Christmas Tree is usually placed in the living room. That doesn't mean you can't have one in your kitchen, either! Choose an artificial tree to make setup and cleanup easier. 

Christmas Tree

These holiday decorations ideas will brighten up your kitchen for the holidays! There are so many options, and we have only gone over 25  ideas. Think about your kitchen, modern or farmhouse. You can always bring the holidays to this unique family space. 

We hope you have enjoyed our article, and feel free to contact our team of experts at any time.

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