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How To Organize Tupperware

Tupperware and food storage boxes are essential in any home, but they can be tough to keep organized. They come in a variety of sizes, may take up too much room, and have those bothersome lids which get in the way.

Arranging them correctly can be difficult, so some simply dump them in a drawer or cupboard, where they create a chaotic mess.

How To Organize Tupperware

There are numerous ways to store Tupperware and various shapes and sizes of food storage containers that can help you and your household stay organized. Here are the top 8 methods to help you upgrade your Tupperware game!

Order Them By Size

Tupperware, other food storage containers, and lids are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Certain types are ideal for preserving larger goods such as spare roast chicken or veggies, while some are ideal for holding liquids such as dipping sauce.

Each one should have its own compartment or section in your cupboard or drawer.

Organize every Tupperware container by size, nest containers of the same shape together, and put lids of the same size next to each other. Trying to ensure that they're all sorted by size can make it much easier for you and other people in your family to locate what you need, even if you're in a hurry.

Arranging your storage containers by size is very satisfying and looks aesthetically pleasing.

Try Stacking Them

It doesn't matter if you have a large quantity of storage room in the house or a limited amount in your small galley kitchen, stacking techniques can be used to effectively organize your Tupperware. 

Stacking or nesting containers that slot together frees up space while also ensuring a smooth method that allows you to simply get whatever you need whenever you need it.

There will be no more rummaging through cupboards or sifting through drawers to find the correct food storage container.

Build stacks of Tupperware of the same size and keep them beside each other if you have extra room, so you can quickly get the correct size required.

If storage space is limited, stack the smallest containers inside the bigger ones. But make it clear which size is which so you can simply select the one you need when the moment arises.

Sore Lids Separately

Putting containers into the cupboard in one piece, with every lid secured, might save you a couple of seconds in the shorter term, but this practice is chaotic and will surely result in an unstructured disaster. Instead,  Divide your boxes and lids to make a more accessible Tupperware cabinet or cupboard.

When you want to take one while preparing your lunches or picking up scraps, you won't be confronted with a strewn mess of teetering boxes.

You will discover a well-organized drawer containing everything you require. And each thing will have its own location.

Keep Lids Upright

Stack lids upright rather than sideways to save even more room in your Tupperware cupboard or drawer. This strategy not only creates a small storage place, but it also makes retrieving your Tupperware much simpler.

Creating a different location for vertically-stored lids eliminates the need to sift among lids to find the exact one that fits the box you selected.

Every lid will be plainly visible so you can choose the ideal option on the first attempt without making a huge mess.

A variety of storage methods are available for storing lids upright. You can make your own lid organizer or purchase one from your local large box store or organizing store.

There are also a plethora of non-DIY solutions available on the internet.

Use Drawer Dividers

If you store your Tupperware containers in a drawer, you can keep it incredibly tidy by using dividers to store lids and boxes separately.

You could also use the separators to keep different-sized boxes separate so that they don't mix together and cause confusion. 

Drawer organizers are available at most office supply stores and large box merchants, and they are often reasonably priced.

Be sure to measure your storage area before heading out to purchase these space-saving goods to ensure a great match.

Take A Look At DIY Options

If you want to avoid heading to the store and spending money on high-tech shelf-bought solutions, then you’re in luck!

There are numerous storage ideas online, and the majority of them are created from incredibly low-cost or reused products. You could, for instance, transform an empty cardboard box into a box for Tupperware tops.

Make many to store various sizes and you'll have a fantastic, low-cost, and low-effort storage option.

You could also create homemade drawer organizers out of reclaimed wood rather than buying pre-made versions, or you could just use tension wires as improvised organizers to hold lids in their own place.

There are a plethora of fantastic ideas available to assist you DIY your way to a more organized and functioning home.

Make Use Of Your Cabinet Doors

You can buy an over-the-door cupboard shelf if you don't have much space. It may not provide as much organization as a lid organizer, but it's a huge timesaver to try if you're short on extra storage.

You can also do the same thing using an old newspaper stand and adhesive hooks. Some thrifty people have even opted to construct an over-the-door organizer out of an empty cardboard box, so no matter your budget, there are plenty of possibilities for you.

Use A Pegboard

Pegboards are an excellent method of keeping things organized.

You can make more room for shorter Tupperware containers while still having a terrific method of keeping all of the tops upright and arranged by size.

To help you organize your Tupperware, you can get your own personalized pegboard kit. If you'd rather not spend any money by buying one, you should be able to create one rather easily yourself.

Simply buy some pegboard, trim it to length, and then select where you want the pins to go.

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