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Kucht Range Reviews

Kucht Range Reviews

Could Embracing the Past Be the Future of Cooking?

Kucht has made a name for itself as one of the leading up-market range manufacturers in the business, providing avid cooking enthusiasts with top-quality, classically inspired culinary units for the modern age. 

Outlawing popular technological components on the basis that they’re unnecessary or counterintuitive to the cooking process, Kucht is a business based on strong principles, which is why it’s become such a polarizing brand in the eyes of consumers.

So, here at The Kitchen Furniture, we decided we’d jump in on the debate, and find out for ourselves what Kucht ranges can bring to the kitchen.

Kucht Ranges — Pros and Cons

Don’t have time to take in our full Kucht rundown? Not to worry; we condensed our findings into this handy pros and cons list.


  • 4-year warranty
  • Fantastic designs
  • Plenty of choices when it comes to full gas ranges
  • No dodgy digital appointments.
  • Dual- and single-oven options


    • Limited dual-fuel options.
    • Kucht ranges are mighty expensive.
    • Some customers claim their ranges either arrived faulty or fell into disrepair quite quickly.

      Kucht Ranges at a Glance — Rage Against the (Digital) Machine

      This day and age, it seems that everything is getting the digital or smart makeover. Unless a product is 10 things in 1 and links up to your phone via a companion app, it doesn’t get a look in. Well, this is exactly what New Jersey-based company, Kucht, is taking a stand against.

      It’s not what Kucht ranges have that has been turning heads, but what they don’t have. If you check out a Kucht range today, you will not see digital timers, LCDs, or computer-based controls. You’ll see solid steel surfaces, elegant lines, and top-quality hardware — the essentials.

      Founded in 2007, Kucht believes the bells and whistles you find stuffed into every nook and cranny on modern appliances are but a flimsy distraction, a deviation from the true essence of a good range. If something does not contribute to the quality of the food, it simply doesn’t have a place on a Kucht product.

      It’s an outlook that makes a lot of sense if you ask us; however, it’s also exceedingly braggadocious. We feel that if you’re taking such a rigid stance on how things should be done, you better be able to back it up with some truly top-class products. Read on to find out if that's the case.

      What Kucht Have to Offer 

      With an ethos based so heavily on classicism, it’s no surprise that most Kucht offerings come in the form of full gas ranges, the most modest of which arrives with four burners and a single 3.73 cubic feet oven. At the other end of the spectrum, there’s the KNG481, an 8 burner, dual-oven monster, perfect for larger kitchens and consummate cooks.

      Between these extremities, a number of 4- and 6-burner options fill the remaining 9 spaces in the Kucht catalog; however, although this brand does lean towards the historic, you’re not completely trapped in the past when considering a Kucht appliance. 

      No matter how steeped in tradition their core ethos is, Kucht cannot ignore the benefits of an electric oven when it comes to baking, which is why they offer a (much smaller) dual-fuel collection.

      Taking a Closer Look at Some of Kucht’s Most Popular Products

      That’s about enough of the general overviews. Let’s put some Kucht ranges under the microscope to see what they can really do!

      Kucht KNG481-B Gas Range

      This is Kucht’s 8-burner beast we mentioned earlier. If you often find yourself wearing the chef’s hat at immense family gatherings, then this is the oven for you. You could be searing some steaks or chicken, boiling 5 different vegetables, sautéing potatoes, and making a rich sauce all at the same time. Now, if you could only grow another 6 arms, you’d be set.

      Measuring 28 x 48 x 36”, it’s a pretty substantial unit, but here’s the thing… considering the expansive 6.7 cubic foot combined capacity of the dual-ovens, it actually feels quite compact, even if, technically speaking, it is a big range.

      The largest of the independently run ovens has a 4.2 cubic foot capacity and puts out 22,000 BTU, so that’s where you’ll be cooking your big birds, while the smaller 2.5 cubic foot, 18,000 BTU oven, takes care of all the trimmings.

      Both ovens feature large windows, so you can peep in and see how your meal’s coming along without opening the door and letting all the heat out. 

      Up top, you have 4 cast iron grids that fit seamlessly together to facilitate smooth pan transitions from one burner to the next, and the body of the range is crafted from stainless steel.

      Every aspect of this range has its own dedicated, manual control — no digital appointments to be found! Each knob is well labeled, saving you from accidentally trying to light the wrong burner (we’ve all been there), ensuring you’re always in control when the pressure’s on.

      There are four color options available, so whether you’re looking for a statement piece that really pops as you enter the room, or something sleek and silver that fades into the background, the KNG is a great choice.


      • 8 burners — Perfect for family gatherings or commercial kitchens.
      • Dual oven — Independent ovens make cooking big meals a joy.
      • Colors — 4 colors to choose from.
      • Grid design — Smooth movements — no spills!


      • Size — May be too large for some home kitchens.
      • No timer or clock — Better pop your watch on.

      Kucht KRG4804U Gas Range

      Despite arriving with only 6 burners, the KFG4804U is Kucht’s most expensive range, and this is largely due to the high intensity 18,500 BTU griddle for cooking perfect pancakes, and juicy, caramelized burgers.

      The burners themselves are split into two categories. Three of them are rated for 12,000 BTU, and the other three are rated for 15,000 BTU. All 6 are controlled via dedicated dials and have a simmer function, allowing a nuanced, accurate cook. They’re also sealed, keeping crumbs and spills at bay, preventing clogs in the gas lines.

      As for the ovens, the larger of the two measures 30”, puts out a maximum 22,000 BTU, and boasts infrared broiling functionality. The smaller oven measures 18”, and is rated for 15,000 BTU. Basically, you’ll never be short of oven space ever again!

      Much like the KNG, the controls are clearly labeled and intuitive to use, so you never try to light the wrong burner and end up singing your eyebrows off, but, unlike the KNG, this model is only available in silver stainless steel.


      • 6 burners — Get everything done at the same time.
      • 18,500 BTU griddle — A handy extra!
      • Intuitive controls — You’re always in full control.
      • Dual ovens — Space for truly epic meal prep.


      • Size — May not fit in your kitchen.
      • One color only — It’s silver or nothing, we’re afraid.

      Kucht KRD486F/LP Dual Fuel Range

      The KRD486F/LP is the dual-fuel version of the KRG in the above review, but besides the electric ovens (which we’ll get to in just a moment), there are a few interesting differences to mention.

      Firstly, you get a more diverse set of 6 sealed burners here, with 2 rated for 12,000 BTU, 2 rated for 15,000 BTU, 2 rated for 18,000 BTU, and then, of course, the 18,500 BTU griddle, so arguably, this cooktop is even more articulate than the KRG.

      It also offers a very nifty feature known as electronic auto-reignition. Simply put, if any of your burners flicker out, this range will automatically and instantaneously reignite it to prevent gas leaks, so if you’re looking for an oven that cooks like a dream, but also instills peace of mind, then the KRD should be a serious consideration.

      The black porcelain ovens measure 4.2 and 2.5 cubic feet, so no matter how big a cake you plan on baking, the KRD has space to accommodate it and then some. Plus, the dry, even heat of these electric ovens means you’ll always get that crisp, golden surface and thoroughly cooked inside — we’re salivating just writing about it!


      • Dual fuel — Electric ovens are better for baking.
      • 6 sealed burners + griddle — Just as good for cooking as it is for baking.
      • Dual ovens — Bake two cakes at a time.
      • Intuitive controls — Very easy to use.
      • Auto-reignition — Keeps cooking safe.


      • Size — Good luck making space for this beast.
      • No clock or timer — You’ll have to set your own alarms.

      What Customers Are Saying About Their Kucht Ranges

      Most customers seem to be very happy with their Kucht ranges, claiming that they’re as beautiful as they are practical, but the consumer response hasn’t been entirely positive.

      Some out there feel that the longevity of their Kucht ranges isn’t up to scratch, which contradicts Kucht’s claims that by focusing on the essential, they’re able to create durable appliances that stand the test of time.

      It has also been reported that, while customer support is great initially, when it comes to following up and rectifying the discussed issues, Kucht is a little slow off the mark.

      Kucht Ranges — The Final Verdict

      We were very impressed with the Kucht ranges we reviewed, and having seen the digital aspects of modern ranges literally melt from their fixtures in the past, we totally get the company's celebration of traditional essentialism.

      Some of the customer complaints about faulty burners and griddles are pretty concerning, especially considering the price tag on these appliances, but Kucht does offer a 4-year parts and labor warranty on all their ranges, so you’re protected if you’re one of the unlucky ones that end up with a defective product.

      We give Kucht ranges 4/5

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