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Midea Refrigerator Reviews

Midea is a brand you’ll have seen around. With almost 40 years in the white goods industry, it has its name on everything from upright refrigerators, chest freezers and compact refrigerators to smaller white foods like dehumidifiers, air conditioners and microwaves.

The first thing it’s important to understand about Midea is that no company gets that diverse and stays in business for nearly 40 years without doing the job for an awful lot of customers.

Midea Refrigerator Reviews

So, you can buy most Midea refrigerators with a certain amount of fundamental confidence – they’re not about to blow up, meltdown or unexpectedly run off with the nanny.

If you can say that about most of the people in your life, you’re doing well, so Midea refrigerators have that stolid faithfulness to recommend them across the range.

The point is that if you’re looking for a refrigerator, Midea will have something that will suit your lifestyle. The question, really, is which one is for you.

Some people will also find it worth knowing that Midea is ultimately based not in the US but in China.

That’s an issue for some economic patriots, but the point is that Midea makes products that work relentlessly, and have won fistful of design awards for maximizing storage in a minimal footprint – which is one of the main things you want and need if you’re in the market for, say, a compact refrigerator.

Yes, it means buying Chinese rather than domestic. But if you need a refrigerator, either in a hurry or with a significant pedigree of performance, it’s a distinctly attractive brand to investigate.

So – let’s investigate it.

The Midea machine that’s right for your needs of course depends on the amount of space you have and how much refrigerator storage you need.

18.0-Cu. Ft. Top-Mount Refrigerator

One of the most popular Midea refrigerators is the 18 cubic feet option with the top-mounted freezer compartment. That breaks down into almost 14 cubic feet of refrigerator space and just over 4 cubic feet of freezer space.

What do you get in that space?

In terms of the food storage space, you get 2 slide-out shelves for your fresh foods, not 1 but 2 crisper drawers, for those “Only a salad will do” moments, 2 full-width and 3 half-width adjustable door bins.

That gives you an impressive number of food storage options to really make the most of your 14 cubic feet.

Automatic temperature sensing and adjustment takes care of the environment inside the refrigerator section, so you’re not concerned about any fluctuations in the chill factor. They’ll be taken care of without you stirring.

And likewise, to keep your involvement and work to a minimum, the 18 cubic feet Midea comes with some powerful anti-frosting vents, so you don’t have to spend a weekend every now and then chipping away at a freezing permafrost or melting your own ice caps with a hair dryer.

Despite its 18 cubic feet of overall space, the Midea has a very reasonable overall footprint, standing 66 inches tall, 29.5 inches wide, and just under 31 inches deep. That means that while it gives you enough space for plenty of fresh food, it can fit in many kitchens or pantry closets without making too much of its presence.

If there is a downside to the unit, it’s the ratio between the internal refrigerator space and the internal freezer compartment space.

While having significantly more space for fresh and chilled food makes sense on a day-to-day basis, having more than three times the space in the refrigerator than is allocated to the freezer feels like a triumph of optimism over realism, especially for families on a restricted budget, where the benefits of frozen food – longer storage, easy access – depend on having more space for that food.

This is just a quibble when set against the overall benefits of the 18 cubic feet Midea refrigerator though, and if you have the space and the budget to buy and run it, it will give you a great and cost-effective refrigerator that’s engineered to minimize frost issues.


  •         The 18 cubic feet of internal space means you can store a week’s worth of fresh and frozen food in the refrigerator
  •         There are several options for shelves, crispers, etc so you can hold the food appropriately
  •         Powerful anti-frost systems mean the refrigerator is a minimal-hassle device
  •         Automatic temperature sensing and adjustment mean you don’t have to worry about any internal temperature fluctuations


  •         The refrigerator space is larger than the freezer space by a ratio of 3:1. That means you may struggle to store all your frozen food


Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator, 1.6 Cubic Feet

The Midea WHS-65LB1 is a refrigerator on a different – much smaller – order of magnitude, for very different places and purposes. At just 1.6 cubic feet, this is a convenience refrigerator, rather than a family unit.

Apartments, bedrooms, even office cubicles are the natural born home of the 65LB1, and it stands ready to hold your lunch, your day’s supply of soft drinks, your mid-afternoon pick-me-up snacks, without ever having the pretension to be your main refrigerator.

If you took to working from home in the last couple of years and liked it, the 65LB1 is a useful within-reach refrigerator to keep you focused and working, too. If you’re taking a trip in your RV, you might appreciate the immediacy and compact nature of the 65LB1 too.

We know what you’re thinking. “A refrigerator? In the bedroom? The cubicle? Are you mad? How will I get any work done? How will I sleep with that thing buzzing away like a bone saw, keeping my Diet Coke cold?”

Well, one of the joys about the 65LB1 is that it uses compressors that are extra-quiet, so unless you suffer from hyperacusis (the ability to hear really quiet sounds that most people can’t), you’re good to use the 65LB1 in places where larger, noisier refrigerators would make you buggy with buzzing.  

The 65LB1 isn’t just some toy refrigerator or spotty beverage-chiller, though. It’s built on the same highly competent engineering as the larger Midea models, so you get pretty rapid, even cooling and whatever you put into it stays evenly chilled until you pull it out.

The icebox section likewise will give you full-on freezing without consuming the kind of energy you’d expect a full-size freezer compartment to devour.

Granted, the icebox section is very small compared to that in a standard size refrigerator-freezer, but it’s large enough to, for instance, hold the ice for your chilled soft drinks without over-freezing and creating an ice trap in its own right.


  •         This is a refrigerator sized for convenience in smaller spaces like office cubicles
  •         It’s a super-quiet option, using quiet compressors that won’t distract you
  •         Being on the smaller size, it’s less of an energy drain than a larger unit


  •         The freezer box is not large enough for much food storage


Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator, WHD-113FB1

The 3.1 cubic feet WHD-113FB1 doesn’t exactly split the difference between our first two Midea models – it’s unashamedly closer to the 65LB1 – but the 3.1 cubic feet of interior space, while less than the freezer alone on the 18 cubic feet option, opens up uses that are significantly distinct, neither the utility option of the 65LB1, nor the family-friendly 18 cubic feet version.

It’s what might be best thought of as a leisure refrigerator – if you have a home bar, a den, a rec room, a man cave, or any other space where fun comes first, this is probably the Midea best suited to your needs.

Using the same super-quiet compressors as the 65LB1, it’s designed to run almost silently and not interrupt any movie-watching, sports-gaming, console playing or whatever else you get upto in the room. In particular, its use of space is impressive and fun-centered.

The freezer section is big enough for more ice cream than any human being should consume in one sitting, there are crisper drawers so you can convince yourself you’re going to be healthy in a fun zone, and perhaps to give the lie to that idea, there’s a ridiculously useful beverage caddy.

You’d struggle to make this work as a family refrigerator, but then it’s not designed or built with that purpose in mind. As a fun refrigerator, it’s well designed, and it will help you get the sort of fun you want.


  •         The design of the interior layout is fun-forward, with elements like a beverage caddy
  •         The freezer compartment has a separate door, and so can function at a different temperature
  •         The freezer is also spacious enough for several pints of ice cream and even occasionally real frozen food
  •         It uses super-quiet compressors, so you rarely get disturbed by its noise


  •         When it first arrives, you need to let it settle for several hours before plugging it in


If you’re going to get a new refrigerator-freezer, Midea is a name worth considering.

It uses some fairly state-of-the-art technology without necessarily costing you state-of-the-art prices, and there is a Midea refrigerator of the size, function, and design that’s right for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a main family unit, a rec room or dorm room chiller, or an easy office lunch-chiller, it’s a brand that has been thought through thoroughly enough to meet your needs.

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