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Samsung Refrigerator Reviews

Samsung have earned themselves a solid reputation within the technology world, thanks to their cutting edge smartphones, headphones, and amazing wide-screen television screens.

They make a wide range of amazing technology that seeks to make our daily lives that little bit easier. Included within their immense repertoire is their selection of fridges. 

Samsung Refrigerator Reviews

You might wonder what kinds of innovations there could possibly be within the world of fridges. How do you really improve on a box that’s just meant to keep your food cold? Well, somehow, Samsung has done it.

They’ve introduced a number of quality-of-life changes and features that make the experience of using a fridge easier every day. But what are some of Samsung’s best fridges and what kinds of features do they have that really make them stand out from the crowd?

Let’s go through some of the best fridges that Samsung has to offer, so you can get your own smart-fridge today!

Samsung Black Stainless Steel Counter-Depth 4-Door Refrigerator With Family Hub 2.0

With how useful this fridge is, it’s a massive surprise that it’s taken this long to invent it! Let’s jump right into the most exciting part of this smart family fridge.

Across the right-side door is an immense 21.5-inch touchscreen display, like a Samsung tablet embedded right into your fridge! 

This screen acts as a family hub, a central screen where important information can be put up to keep the family connected. Do you have a list of groceries that you need? Type them up on the touchscreen.

Got a family photo you want to see every morning, upload it to the touch screen. This screen is highly customizable, and allows you to adapt it to your needs. Every family member can edit the information on it.

After someone has picked up the groceries, they can easily delete the list, or update it in case any of the items couldn’t be found! 

The touchscreen also has a number of helpful features that make your day easier. The screen can display the current time, date, and current weather conditions. You can plan your day according to the weather by using the online-updated weather app.

The touchscreen also boasts a large digital calendar, so you can keep track of every upcoming event or celebration, without having to wrestle around with a paper-based calendar.

Don’t let the advanced touchscreen fool you, this fridge is also amazing at storing high capacities of food at immensely cool temperatures. With a deep design and plenty of shelf space, you can store a whole family’s worth of food without having to juggle!

Also included within the design is a built-in sliding door, between the fridge and the freezer, where you can easily keep quick snacks or drinks so that you can easily access a sweet treat when the desire calls!

Thi fridge is also a godsend during those hot summer months. Got an ice tea that you want to keep chilled, you can use the built-in ice dispenser to choose between cubed or crushed ice, or even chilled water, to access some cool relief whenever you need it.

This is perfect for hosting large get-togethers or garden parties. No longer will you have to fight with large bags of ice that take up excessive amounts of space in your freezer, just simply place the glass under the dispenser, and away you go!


  • Touchscreen display makes family organizing easy.
  • Lots of space to keep masses of food cool.
  • Built-in ice dispenser.


  • The fridge can be difficult to clean. 
  • The ice machine does take up space on the door, which could be a problem for some.


If you want a Samsung fridge with a classic and sturdy design, with few bells and whistles but lots of functionality, then you won’t be disappointed by the Samsung RF22KREDBSG.

Gone is the large touchscreen display, but in its place is a sleek design with strong handles, to make it much easier to open and close, for those particularly busy kitchens!

With a cubic-footage of 12.8 in the fridge compartment, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to get everything you need inside without risking overfilling, which can be dangerous in its own right.

As well as this, the Samsung RF22KREDBSG also features a freezer with 6.5 cubic feet of space, to allow you to freeze all sorts without trouble, and a flex-zone draw that makes it easy to access your favorite items without having to open your whole fridge. 

Much like the Family Hub 2.0, this fridge also has a handy built-in ice dispenser, which you can use to easily fill your glass with ice without having to create ice cubes yourself.

However, unlike the previous ice dispenser, this one takes up considerably less space inside of your fridge, so while it may not yield as much ice, it more than makes up with the extra space it offers. Simply fill the ice maker with water and it will do all of the difficult work for you.


  • Classic and simple design makes it easy to use, and unobtrusive.
  • Built-in ice maker does not take up excessive space.
  • Two-door opening makes for easier access to the deepest areas of the fridge.


  • Smaller ice maker does not yield as much ice.
  • Handles jut out slightly, which would be annoying in a small kitchen.

Samsung RF23M8070SR

If you need something a little more compact, then the RF23M8070SR has you covered. With it’s handle-less design, this fridge features no parts that jut or even cause a potential tripping hazard.

The entire front face of the fridge is sleek, modern, and clutter-free. Even the built-in ice dispenser is unobtrusive, with a concave design that caves inwards towards the fridge, to prevent from accidentally bashing it, or even worse, accidentally spilling a batch of ice onto the floor! 

This fridge doesn’t necessarily seek to impress with any flashy features or extra abilities. Instead, it is focused on maximizing space for the food that you and your family need.

With 23 cubic feet of interior space, across the fridge and freezer compartments, you’ll never find yourself running out of space any time soon. Again, this fridge comes with the wonderful Samsung staple of the FlexZone Drawer, which allows you quick access to kitchen essentials or small snacks without having to dig through all of the other items in your fridge.

This fridge also comes with movable shelves and draw units, so you can easily customize the space inside to your needs, to prioritize certain ingredients or items, without needing to buy extra peripherals or storage solutions. 


  • Simple design is unobtrusive and won’t take up too much space.
  • Easy to organize interior, with customizable shelves.
  • The ice dispenser makes it easy to keep your drinks cool at the touch of a button.


  • Stainless steel design only covers the frontal portion of the fridge, the sides instead feature basic gray plastic.
  • Ice dispenser is smaller than in other competing models or brands.

What Makes Samsung Fridges Stand Out?

As mentioned, Samsung is one of the leading companies worldwide when it comes to innovative technologies. Samsung seeks to make their fridges just as smart and useful to our everyday lives as their ever-popular phones do.

Such as built-in touch displays which allow the whole family to communicate important information easily, or to access weather reports while making your morning breakfast.

These touch screens feature fast processors, so you can expect the same standard of quality and speed that you would expect from one of Samsung’s many smartphones. 

Samsung also includes smaller features to improve the every-day usage of their fridge products.

The most crucial of these is the innovative FlexZone drawer, which allows you easy access to smaller objects or everyday essentials, such as candy bars or juice cartons.

This is perfect for families with younger children. It is much safer for your children to access the FlexZone drawer than the fridge at large, which helps to keep everyone safe.

Final Thoughts

We’ve only just scratched the surface of what Samsung refrigerators are capable of. Samsung has been in the business for many years, and as such has made all manner of innovations to make our lives easier.

You can probably see this in the few refrigerators we explored today. 

Getting the right refrigerator is hard, and making it suit everyone in your household is even more difficult. Luckily, Samsung is always looking to make its technology accessible and exciting for all ages.

If you need a good fridge with exciting features for you and your family, don’t hesitate to pick up a Samsung refrigerator, you won’t be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Samsung Fridges Last?

Don’t worry, though Samsung fridges are focused on being exciting and useful, they don’t ever skimp on quality.

If you treat your fridge with care, and make sure to maintain it regularly, you can expect your fridge to last upwards of fourteen years!

Are Samsung Washers Reliable?

Samsung washers are just as reliable as their fridges and their smartphones. Samsung washers are built to last many years and still clean your laundry perfectly every time.

Samsung uses high-quality materials and technologies in their products, so you don’t have to worry about quality or durability!

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