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Top Ideas for Kitchen Organization

Your kitchen is always by your side, from everyday cooking to birthday parties' preparation. And you know better than anyone that organizing a kitchen — may be challenging. 

It sounds daunting to some, but it's not too hard. In this blog post, we'll go over each area in the kitchen, what should be placed where, and some of the best kitchen storage organizers. The organization of a kitchen can make all the difference between having a well-functioning everyday kitchen and an overly cluttered one. 

Organized Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen organized can be difficult, no matter how big it is. There's a lot to struggle with kitchen storage and keeping your kitchen neat while also ensuring sure everything you need is still accessible, whether it's traversing tiny cabinets, narrow drawers, or an overall lack of storage space. There's a lot to organize in your kitchen, with small appliances, food and pantry goods, cutlery, plates, cookware, and glassware—not to mention how to store things like plastic food container lids, chopping boards, baking sheets, pot tops, and more. And, because every kitchen has its quirks, you'll need to account for those as well.

The utility frequently comes first, leaving style for later. But this is not the rule. You can have efficiency and elegance at the same time. Let's make your cooking and your life easier Take a look at our kitchen organization ideas!


Before starting with your organization, look at everything you have and evaluate if everything is necessary. This step can be difficult, but keep in mind that - to have an efficient kitchen - this analysis needs to be done.

Divide in Areas

After that, divide the kitchen into areas. Assess the entire kitchen and divide cupboards and drawers into categories before beginning to reassemble them. The simplest method is to write everything down, including which items belong in which zones. There are five main areas: everyday items, cooking equipment, food storage / coffee, kitchen accessories and miscellaneous, which include cleaning and trash supply items.

Always consider whether the area only needs partial organization or absolutely everything. The more complete you make your organization system, the better.

1 - Everyday Items

The main goal here is to keep everything you need for your meals on display and easily accessible without making them visible outside the cupboards/drawers. Consider using transparent containers or stackable trays so you can see everything at once rather than sorting through drawers and filing cabinets. 

Transparent Containers

You can organize them based on how often you use them, special occasions, who usually use them, etc. Organizing your kitchen with cabinets is one of the most practical ways. Keep your most often used goods close at hand. A 2-tier Corner Shelf Organizer is a robust option to keep your basics close to you.

two tier plates organizer

Or, you can have a hanging pot rack, keeping your most essential kitchenware accessible and preventing stacking damage for your utensils.

Hanging Pot Rack

2 - Cooking Utensils and Gadgets

There's only so much time in the day and so many hours of daylight. If you're not making the most of your time, it can be easy to wind up feeling as though you're doing more than just spinning your wheels.  

There's no better way to have mess than having a bunch of pans stacked on the bottom shelf. It might be hard for you to remember which one you last used or if they are clean or dirty. Your goal here is to have all pans organized according to their sizes and then finally have them placed within reach of where you are preparing meals. Please place them in drawers with specific labels so that everything will be more accessible for you. 

For pots and pans, you can maximize the space of your cabinets with this 2-Tier Sliding Cabinet Organizer. 

You can also store these horizontally and arranged by flattest (frying pans) to tallest (stock pots) with an Extensible Pot Rack Organizer.

Expendable Pot Rack

There are a lot of ways you can organize spoons, whisks, and spatulas. We recommend storing them together for easy access. You can save space with a 360 degrees Rotating Utensil Caddy, organizing the utensils in categories for quicker reach.   

You also can keep your main utensils organized with an Adjustable Kitchen Drawer Organizer, customizing the space you need for your main utensils, cluttery, and other kitchen accessories. 

Expendable drawer organizer

For your kitchen appliances, to prevent clutter, keep only on the counter the ones you use every day, as the mixer, toaster, or blender. If you have space, you can add full-size Wire Shelving with Wheels to keep all appliances handy. 

Wire Shelf with Wheels

3 - Food Storage & Coffee / Tea

There are four  sections of the kitchen to think about when it comes to food storage: fridge, dry food, and spices. 


Putting everything in its proper position may make your food last longer and saves you money. The fridge's top shelf and door are usually the warmest areas, in which we suggest you store ready-to-eat meals, leftovers, eggs, and drinks. On the door, you can keep condiments, dairy products. Keep raw food as meat on the lower shelves, as the temperature is lower. And because the fridge drawers are meant to keep food at precise humidity levels, store fruits and vegetables in them, putting the raw meat above them, so it does not contaminate these items. 

Vegetable Drawers

We suggest you remove the packaging of all items before storing them on your fridge. Then organize all items by category, using transparent matching containers. This will make your fridge look more uniform, and you'll be able to view everything available. You can also label your bins to help your family find what they are looking for easily. 

And consider utilizing a small Lazy Susan for everyday needs.

Lazy Susan

Dry Foods

We suggest arranging your dry food by category, whether you have a walk-in pantry or a cupboard. Breakfast, baking, meals (pasta and rice, for example), snacks, and canned foods. Select containers that are appropriate for your lifestyle and space. The transparent ones are easy for cleaning and identification.

If you want your kids to have access to snacks, set aside a lower shelf, a bottom drawer, or a cabinet in the kitchen. You can organize them using Bin Box Containers with Compartment Holders. Consider what you don't want your children to have access to or what you don't use very often – such items can be put higher.

Snack Bins

For the cans, you can easily organize and store them with a Can Rack. We suggest using the First in, First Out method to ensure you do not leave behind older products that will expire first. 

Can Organizer Rack


If you use spices frequently during food preparation and cooking, keep them close to the stove. You don't want to have to stop what you're doing to go to the pantry. You can also consider investing in a countertop spice rack to keep it looking tidy. If you have a lot of spices, keep the ones you use near your stovetop and the ones you don't use very often in the pantry or another cabinet.

One option to organize spices is the Expandable Spice Rack, which is easy to use - slide to the width you need and can be used for spices and baking supplies.

Spices Rack

Or you can add a Double-Rack easy to slide out, ideal for narrow cabinets and ensuring complete access to the products in deeper upper cabinets.

Spices Organizer

Coffee & Tea

Coffee machines, by most standards, are considered an everyday item that is needed constant access to throughout your day. So, if that's how it is for your house, then why not put it close to where you need it most? 

We tend to have a large collection of coffee and tea types, which can quickly become a mess. The best place for these items is next to the coffee/tea maker. 

If you use K-cups, a great option is the K-Cup Carousel or a delicate Coffee Container

And you always can add a Floating Shelf above your coffee machine, where you can hang mugs and showcase all your coffee supplies.  

For your tea, there are several options, as a small Tea Cabinet with drawers, which works well on the counter and in cabinets and eliminates bulky boxes.

4 - Kitchen Accessories

If you have utensils you often use in your kitchen, think about placing them in a convenient location at hand. For example, if you are often in the kitchen to make dinner in the evenings, why not organize your utensils by the worktop, so they are ready for you when you need them?

We all know how hard it is to keep our food storage containers organized, despite your best efforts. And not being able to find the lid you need to send your children's lunch is not a good feeling, especially when you are in a hurry. The great news is that there are plenty of solutions to make your life easier. 

There are Kitchen Organizers with dividers - just for the lids or a Container Compartment keeping plastic pots and lids stored together. 

And to keep all your storage bags organized and get rid of torn-up damaged boxes, you can use a Food Storage Bag Organizer Holder. And you can always add a Wrap Stand for different box shapes and sizes. 

5 - Miscellaneous items and cleaning products

For your cleaning products, just keep under the sink the ones that belong to the kitchen, as dish soap. All of the other products, including mops, keep in a closet outside the kitchen. 

And a perfect way to clear your kitchen from the trash is to use a Pullout Kitchen Waste Trash Can Container Bin and to hide it inside your cabinet. There are single and double versions to choose from. 

Many people are hesitant to begin organizing their kitchen cabinets because they are afraid of what they might find. The secret to success with this project is to take baby steps and not throw everything out at once! It's time to go through all of your kitchen cabinets and keep only things you need and use regularly. 

In the end, once you have everything organized neatly in some system, set up a plan for how it will be maintained and reorganized regularly. 

The kitchen is all about space efficiency! And this is where the magic happens—you can put things away quicker when there's no cupboard clutter in the way. 

We hope you have enjoyed our article, and feel free to contact our team of experts at any time.

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