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What Color Cabinets With Gray Floors

Gray floors look great within a kitchen. Other than being a beautiful color in itself, many people have attested to gray’s power to hide dirt. Gray looks good in several finishes, including stone, concrete, and hardwood. No matter what type of gray you choose, you can find several other colors that look good alongside it.

Gray might pair well with other colors, but as there are so many choices, settling on a color for your cabinets can be difficult. You want your kitchen cabinets and floors to work cohesively, but not blend into each other. Or, you might want a nice color difference between the two features, but not in a way that clashes.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. We’ll cover what color cabinets go with gray floors in this article. You’ll also find some tips to ensure that your color choices are always harmonious.

What Color Cabinets With Gray Floors

How To Match Colors With A Gray Floor

Before we get into the best colors to pair with gray, we’ll cover some tips that can help you make the right choice.

Color Temperature - When you choose color combinations, it’s important to make sure that their undertones match. Warmer shades will have a yellow or orange undertone. Cooler colors will have a blue or green one. Warm undertones paired with cool ones can look disharmonious. Always make sure that your colors match in undertone: warm with warm, and cool with cool.

Interior Style - Always consider the style of interior that you’re going for. If you prefer classic interiors, pale gray floors with light wood cabinets will match the aesthetic. Conversely, loft or industrial style interiors will need darker cabinets to contrast with the floors.

Textures - Look at your floor’s texture. If you have plain flooring made from wood or undecorated tiles, you can go for cabinets with more character. If your floors have patterns or visible textures, simple cabinets will look better, as they won’t distract from the flooring.

Light Balance - Whether you go for lighter or darker cabinets depends on how you use your kitchen. If you cook for the whole day, lighter gray floors with darker cabinets are a good choice. Light floors won’t show spills and crumbs, while dark cabinets provide a nice contrast. Conversely, dark floors can look high-end, but they need to be cleaned more often.

Good Kitchen Cabinet Colors For Gray Floors


Yes, you can pair gray with gray! This isn’t as boring as it sounds - there are a few tricks that can help you pull this look off. Firstly, there is more than one shade of gray to choose from. Painting your cabinets in lighter or darker gray shades than your floor prevents the colors from blending into each other.

If you have a smaller kitchen, lighter grays will reflect light and make the space look larger. If you have more space, feel free to experiment with darker shades like charcoal or slate. Place different textured accessories around the room for a modern, yet sophisticated look.


You can’t go wrong with this next choice. No matter what shade of gray your floors are, white cabinets will always look great. The darker gray floor provides a nice contrast with the brighter white. If you go down this route, remember that white might be a neutral color, but it still has different temperatures.

If you have a cooler gray floor, go for cool shades, like snow white or ecru. Similarly, vanilla and magnolia cabinets will match a warmer gray floor. White is a great neutral that goes well with gray, just make sure you consider temperature.


People tend to shy away from black interiors, as they want to avoid finishes that are too harsh or dark. Still, black can be a good choice for kitchen furniture, as long as you take care when doing so. If your floors are dark gray, you should avoid using black, as there won’t be enough contrast, which can make the room look smaller.

However, if you have light gray floors, black cabinets can look great. The light gray and black contrast well, so your furniture will look bold and modern. Black is known as an elegant color, and your kitchen will look stylish by association. If you go down this route, make sure that you have lighter accessories so that the room doesn’t look too dark.


If your floor is a cool gray shade, blue cabinets can look fresh alongside them. Blue is a naturally calming color. This makes it a good choice for smaller kitchens or if a lot of people use the kitchen at once.

Light blue can look quite stark against a dark gray flooring, while richer blues will pair nicely. Similarly, go for lighter blues if you have a light gray floor, as these shades will provide a sense of calm.


Like blue, green is also a soothing color. As green is found in nature, we feel energized around shades of sage, forest, and pine. You can bring this refreshing feeling into your kitchen by pairing your gray floor with green.

As green is a noticeable color, it’s best to pair these cabinets with light gray floors. Wooden floors or porcelain tiles work best with this shade, but beware of satin or glossy tiles, as they can make green tones look less bright.


Wood cabinets can pair well with warm gray floors. The warmth in both features is perfect for those who love rustic aesthetics. By bringing in elements that are found outdoors, like wood, gravel, and stone, you’ll feel close to nature within your kitchen.

You can do this by pairing gray concrete floors with brown wooden cabinets. This looks amazing, especially if you have any visible brickwork, as it can provide an industrial look to your kitchen.


It can be hard to settle on a color for your kitchen cabinets, as so many different colors go with gray. Before you begin this process, figure out what the undertone of your gray floor is. If it is warm, go for warmer shades. If it is cool, choose colors with icier temperatures.

Remember that your cabinets only play one part in your kitchen. Accessories also matter. Make sure that your taps, lamps, and countertops harmonize with your gray flooring too.

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