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Which table shape is the best for me?

The dining room table is the most important piece of furniture in your home. Is where we meet our families after work or on a school day. It is where we can work, where kids can do their homework. It's the ultimate multipurpose furniture piece that we spend a lot of time sitting and interacting with every day.

With many options around us, it can be hard to choose one. And before picking the final model, we must evaluate which table format suits the best for us. Not only because of the shape itself, but also considering the space we have, the style we want, and what kind of usage we want the table to have.

Wood Dining Table

Let's dig into the main shape options available in the market today. 

Rectangular Dining Tables

Any rectangle dining room would benefit from the inclusion of rectangular tables. When working with a more symmetrical space, you can choose to place a rectangular table in various ways. The table's design complements the room's general shape, and the seating arrangement creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

A rectangle table's broader and longer appeal always accommodates more guests. Rectangular tables not only accommodate more people, but they also accommodate more dishes on the table and give each individual considerably more space without feeling crowded.

While round dining tables can provide a sense of closeness, rectangular dining tables are more functional if you want to mix and match seating combinations because they are more comfortable. There is also very little wasted space on these tables.

There are some cons regarding rectangular shape tables you should consider. Even in a rectangular area, this table may take up a lot of room. And if you have a square room, a rectangular table won't fit nicely. Besides that, a rectangular doesn't lend itself to the most intimate and social gatherings. A rectangle table divides individuals into distinct groups, and people will sometimes have to go out of their way to hear or be heard.

The neatest thing is that they look beautiful regardless of how basic they are. The Daniele Rectangular Dining Table embodies simplicity, sturdiness, and utility all in one. This modern and stylish dining furniture has matte black steel legs placed on a slight angle, showcasing a beautiful artistic industrial look and aesthetic. You can select from Oak Wood or Black, White, and Grey Ceramic tabletops.

 Daniele Dining Table. Wood Dining Table

Round Dining Tables

If you want to add a little warmth and character to your dining area, round dining tables are better because they invite conversation around the table. When it comes to placement, round tables are incredibly versatile. Everyone can hear the other person regardless of where they are seated at the table, and they are not required to be uncomfortable to converse with them.

Round tables have a smaller footprint than rectangular ones. For small spaces or square shape rooms, a circular table will work. 

Round tables are safer than their pointed counterparts since they do not have any corners. This makes it safer for families with children under the age of two. The circular table also allows everyone to see every dish on the table, resulting in fewer interruptions and more listening and chatting.

One of the things about round tables that we have to admire is their beauty. While rectangular tables typically have four legs for support, round tables have a more stylish and attractive base. Curved legs, diverse materials, and other details combine to make these tables functional and stunningly beautiful.

Although the round table is more intimate, there is much less space on the table to keep the plates and other utensils. Furthermore, these tables can only accommodate a small number of individuals, as others who attempt to enter might consider the table uncomfortable.

These tables also demand a set amount of room and aren't as adaptable as rectangular tables. Also, they are not the best for large social gatherings, such as parties, because there is insufficient seating.

Round or rectangular can work in your home! Take a look on the Aldo Round Dining Table, with mid-century design made of full walnut wood.



And how about the Oval Dining Tables?

Oval Dining Tables are functional as the rectangular and curved edges make them a great option when kids are around. They are refined and give your home an elegant, sophisticated look. Because of its curved edges, the oval table gives a softer aesthetic, keeping the space feeling bright and spacious. Ovals have a casual vibe while yet being a classic pick. People seated around an oval table are frequently comfortable conversing with people sitting next to them and those across from them.

A con for this format is that it can be hard to find accessories, as oval-shaped tablecloths in traditional colors or patterns. Also, because oval tables lack the corners of their rectangular, there is typically less space for seated guests. And in general, oval tables aren't perceived as formal. In this case, a rectangular shape would be a better choice.

Check out the unique sculptural base Montana Oval Dining Table


Dining Tables are an essential aesthetic and functional component of every dining area. We hope we have help providing you with some pros and cons of each format.

The wonderful thing about designing your house is that it is entirely up to you. We hope you have enjoyed our article, and feel free to contact our team of experts at any time.

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