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Working from home and wanting to renovate your kitchen ?

2020 has reshaped the way we think about work. Not about what we do, but how we do it. Mainly where we do our work. Probably for you, “where” currently means home. We recognize that changing the wheel while we are driving is almost impossible. But this is what happened with our lives and the format we work today.

Your living room probably still looks cramped, even after months of working from home. But don’t feel guilty. It is not easy to find workable space for all members of your family in your living or dining room. However, have you thought about working from the kitchen? With this in mind, it might be an excellent time to remodel your kitchen, adding a new working area supporting your new job-related space demands. A functional kitchen can make your life easier.

What is a functional kitchen? We understand that this kitchen provides you with efficiency, comfort, and a unique social space where you can make your work done smoothly. And the most comfortable form to revamp your kitchen is adding a kitchen island to your place. A kitchen island is an essential feature for your kitchen and can fulfill all these functions. It also can add an extra cabinet store with a marvelous countertop where your family can cook and eat together. Small or big, it will allow you to accommodate your computer and some personal items you may need during your work hours. You can even reserve a drawer of your kitchen island for your office related materials, so you can tuck things away right away when needed.

Here some items that will add functionally to you kitchen design.

Kitchen Island with Table and Stools. Multi-purpose and extremely functional, this Kitchen Island stores a small dining table and two stools underneath in one neat package. Porcelain marble with a matte finish for increased durability. Castors on the kitchen island and on the dining table. Finish options: Contemporary or Grey Traditional

Lanzo Kitchen Island. Add style to your kitchen with the multifunctional Lanzo Kitchen Cart. It features metal construction and a marble countertop, providing lasting durability, and that holds up to everyday use. This unit will make your life easier and it is a great addition to any type of kitchen. Finish: Marble/ Antique Pewter or Marble/Gunmetal.


Bent Counter Table. Crafted from solid acacia wood, the Bent Counter Table features true, live edges on heavy slabs of solid wood, and heavy-gauge, iron legs. Each piece is a solid work of art that will look great for years to come. The smoked-finish enhances the natural wood grain, giving the table a warm, caramel color.


If you want more ideas on creating an office space in your kitchen, don’t hesitate to send a message to our team, and we will be happy to help you get your dream kitchen.

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