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ZENTIQUE Shipping & Returns



All orders will be shipped as available. The approximate lead time is 5 to 10 business days after payment is received. This delay can be avoided by paying the $200 expedite fee. By doing so, this will place your order for priority packing. Zentique does not have control over delivery time. Shipping lead time may vary due to weather, holidays, trucking pick-up delays, and any other unforeseen delays. It is important to notify your sales associate if there is a certain deadline you are required to meet. This will help us better assist you. They will be able to inform you if Zentique will be able to fulfill your request.

Zentique does not ship complete even if the items are paid for full in advance. We do not provide the service of call for delivery. Tracking information is provided to you so you may arrange arrangements prior to delivery. Products will be shipped as available. Shipments in packing cannot be altered in any form. (This can include but does not limit to address change, change of shipping company, etc.) For backordered items, address changes must be notified before the backorder ships. Any fees that result after changes will be the customer’s responsibility. Majority of the orders will ship boxed and on a pallet unless directed otherwise. All shipments are dock to dock. (Other fees may apply if it is not dock to dock.) Please note that even though you have a commercial address, it may be zoned as residential. If you are unsure, please contact our Customer Service. Zentique offers curbside residential delivery. For white glove services, prices may vary depending on the ship to locations and pieces of furniture. All residential deliveries are curbside. For all deliveries, someone must be present at the time of the delivery. There will be additional fees if the carrier must go out to redeliver due to no personnel being at the location. We ask for our customers to provide the most accurate information when placing their orders. This will help us with providing our LTL/white glove companies the most accurate information to avoid any additional fees. Any additional fees that are added will be charged automatically with the card on file. Self Storage facilities will have an additional fee. This is due to limited access.

Products must be inspected prior to signing the delivery receipt. Any shipment that is signed without any remarks written on the delivery receipt will be subject to automatic denial of their claim. (Excludes manufacture defects.) It is imperative to make any notation on the delivery receipt of any possible irregularities. This includes the shrink wrap torn, box has dents, tears, pallet was not intact, etc. The more photos that are provided the better we can assist you.

Drivers are not required to help assist on drop offs. It is the customer’s responsibility to have the appropriate personnel at the time of the delivery. Customers cannot request other services at the time of the delivery to our drivers. If other services are needed, you must notify Zentique in regards to adding additional services. All additional services at the time of the delivery must be approved by Zentique. If services are rendered and not approved by The Kitchen Furniture and Zentique, customers will be liable for the additional charges.


Returns can include but are not limited to claims, defects, disliking of the product. All returns must be authorized by Zentique.
Restocking fees will be applied to the following below.
1. Exchange
2. Customer does not like
3. Order was placed incorrectly
Zentique must be notified of returns in order for the returns to be accepted. Customers have up to 30 days to return any products. Once the return has been approved, the product(s) must be returned within a 5-10 business day time frame or it will be denied. Products that are returned without a valid reason will be subjected to a 25% restocking fee as well. Please note that shipping charges are non-refundable. We request that all customers keep all original packaging. Customer(s) are responsible for repackaging as well as the return shipping cost. This includes packing material, labor, receiving warehouse cost, and return shipping. Items must be returned in perfect condition in order for the return to be accepted. If the return is received damaged, the item will not be refunded or credited. Should the end user decide to keep the damaged item, they must
cover the cost to ship the item back to the end user or the item(s) will be field destroyed. If the shipment is received damaged, the claims department will contact you with further instructions. Once returned, Zentique will inspect the item(s) and issue credit/refund. No replacement will be shipped until all returns are back on Zentique’s docks. Zentique reserves the right to partially or wholly accept/deny any return(s). Customers that provide their own shipping must return the shipment with their carrier. Zentique is not responsible for the return or any costs associated.

Zentique inspects all items to ensure your order arrives in the best condition. However, we do understand that damages may occur in transit. We ask that all customers take the proper steps to resolve any issues that may occur. All shipments should be inspected upon delivery. If the driver denies you to inspect your shipment, please notate on the delivery receipt that the driver will not let you inspect. When filing a claim, customers are required to make notation of any damages on the delivery receipt and notify Zentique claims department as soon as possible. Claims will be denied if the procedures are not followed. All claims must be submitted by Zentique customers that placed the order. Zentique will deny any personnel not in the trade. Claims for damages must be filed within 5 business days from the date of delivery and claims for product defect must be filed within 30 days from the date of delivery. Zentique cannot honor any returns or damage claims after the 5 business day period. To file a claim, please go on our website and submit your claims through our site. Please provide invoice number, photos, and a brief description of the problem. Failure to do so may result in a denial of the claim. Please note that claims may last up to 120 business days depending on the carrier. Also, carriers may require the item(s) and the original packing material be kept at the consignee location until the claims process is complete. Customer(s) will be responsible for packing materials if original packaging is thrown away. All item(s) must be packed prior to Zentique scheduling for pick-up. We will advise accordingly. If the claim is accepted, Zentique reserves the right to request a repair estimate. A formal invoice must be shown (in-house repair personnel will not be accepted.) Any refunds or credits will be issued once repair invoices are sent or once the items are returned to our docks. Should the item be field destroyed without Zentique’s authorization, refund/credits will not be issued. Zentique claims department may terminate or deny any and all claims at our discretion.All replacements will be shipped to the original address on the original invoice. Any alternations may result in additional fees.

Please check Shipping & Returns policies for more details.